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  1. COVID-19 and “the trinity of boredom” in public spaces: urban form, social distancing and digital transformation
  2. Tailored methods for mapping urban heat islands in Greater Cairo Region
  3. Competitiveness, distinctiveness and singularity in urban design: A systematic review and framework for smart cities
  4. Urban design assessment tools: a model for exploring atmospheres and situations
  5. COVID-19’s challenges to urbanism: social distancing and the phenomenon of boredom in urban spaces
  6. Revealing distinguishing factors between Space and Place in urban design literature
  7. Conviviality in food consumption
  8. The Predicament of Post-Displacement Amidst Historical Sites: A Design-based Correlation Between People and Place
  9. What makes the livable cities of today alike?
  10. What can the urban designer do for children? Normative principles of child–friendly communities for responsive third places