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  1. A comprehensive review of demand side management in distributed grids based on real estate perspectives
  2. A comprehensive review on power conditioning units and control techniques in fuel cell hybrid systems
  3. Energy management strategy and capacity planning of an autonomous microgrid: Performance comparison of metaheuristic optimization searching techniques
  4. A comprehensive review of energy management strategy in Vehicle-to-Grid technology integrated with renewable energy sources
  5. A rule-based power management strategy for Vehicle-to-Grid system using antlion sizing optimization
  6. Loading... A Non-Isolated high frequency high efficiency LLC resonant DC-DC converter.
  7. LLC resonant converter with balanced rectifying current
  8. Loading... Maximum Boost Pulse Width Modulation Control
  9. Electricity theft detection framework based on universal prediction algorithm
  10. Soft-switching in DC-DC converter an overview
  11. Comparative Assessment of State Feedback Controllers