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  1. An evolutionary perspective on the systems of adaptive immunity
  2. Superinfection with drug-resistant HIV is rare and does not contribute substantially to therapy failure in a large European cohort
  3. A genome-to-genome analysis of associations between human genetic variation, HIV-1 sequence diversity, and viral control
  4. Gag-Pol Processing during HIV-1 Virion Maturation: A Systems Biology Approach
  5. Enhanced Heterosexual Transmission Hypothesis for the Origin of Pandemic HIV-1
  6. Mutations in HIV-1gagandpolCompensate for the Loss of Viral Fitness Caused by a Highly Mutated Protease
  7. A Plea for Caution: Huge Risks Associated with Lab-bred Flu
  8. Is the virulence of HIV changing? A meta-analysis of trends in prognostic markers of HIV disease progression and transmission
  9. Reaction Kinetics of Catalyzed Competitive Heteropolymer Cleavage
  10. A Strong Case for Viral Genetic Factors in HIV Virulence
  11. Comparison of HIV-1 Genotypic Resistance Test Interpretation Systems in Predicting Virological Outcomes Over Time
  12. High GUD Incidence in the Early 20th Century Created a Particularly Permissive Time Window for the Origin and Initial Spread of Epidemic HIV Strains
  13. African descent is associated with slower CD4 cell count decline in treatment-naive patients of the Swiss HIV Cohort Study
  14. HIV decision support: from molecule to man
  15. Increasing Clinical Virulence in Two Decades of the Italian HIV Epidemic
  16. Has HIV evolved to induce immune pathogenesis?
  17. Intra-host Dynamics and Evolution of HIV Infection
  18. Evolution of a novel 5-amino-acid insertion in the β3–β4 loop of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase
  19. Stable virulence levels in the HIV epidemic of Switzerland over two decades
  20. The Integration Hypothesis: An Evolutionary Pathway to Benign SIV Infection
  21. Guanine–adenine bias: a general property of retroid viruses that is unrelated to host-induced hypermutation
  22. Recombination in HIV and the evolution of drug resistance: for better or for worse?
  23. Mathematical Approaches in the Study of Viral Kinetics and Drug Resistance in HIV-1 Infection
  24. Glancing behind virus load variation in HIV-1 infection
  25. Response to Bandeira and Faro: Closing the circle of constraints
  26. Quantitative constraints on the scope of negative selection
  27. Decelerating Decay of Latently Infected Cells during Prolonged Therapy for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Infection
  28. Release of Virus from Lymphoid Tissue Affects Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 and Hepatitis C Virus Kinetics in the Blood
  29. Small variations in multiple parameters account for wide variations in HIV-1 set-points: a novel modelling approach