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  1. Embodied essentialism in the reconstruction of the animal sign in robot animal design
  2. Semiosic Translation: a Bayesian-heuristic theory of translation and translating
  3. Embodied human language models vs. Large Language Models, or why Artificial Intelligence cannot explain the modal be able to
  4. Agentive Cognitive Construction Grammar: a predictive semiotic theory of mind and language
  5. An Integrated Bayesian-Heuristic Semiotic Model for Understanding Human and SARS-CoV-2 Representational Structures
  6. Etude des bases de la pensée incarnée à travers la grammaire des constructions
  7. Unveiling the Physical and Biological Roots of German Modal Constructions
  8. The semiotics of motion encoding in Early English: a cognitive semiotic analysis of phrasal verbs in Old and Middle English
  9. Metaphors are embodied otherwise they would not be metaphors
  10. Sobre la naturaleza cognitiva de las metáforas y su papel en la educación: respuesta a Molina Rodelo (2021)
  11. The role of semiotics in the unification of langue and parole: an Agentive Cognitive Construction Grammar approach to English modals
  12. Complexes, rule-following, and language games: Wittgenstein’s philosophical method and its relevance to semiotics
  13. The cognition of caused-motion events in Spanish and German: An Agentive Cognitive Construction Grammar analysis
  14. Étude sémiotique de l'oeuvre du Marquis de Sade
  15. On the origins of semiosic Translation
  16. On English modals, modal meaning and argument structure
  17. Translating Wittgenstein: A semiotic translation of the Tractatus
  18. Translating Celan semiosically
  19. Semiosic translation (semiosis-driven translation)
  20. Applying Cognitive Construction Grammar to the teaching of Phrasal verbs
  21. Phrasal verbs and argument structure constructions
  22. Taming English modals
  23. A triadic constructionist approah to English modals
  24. Translating Wittgenstein's term Bild semiotically
  25. Working out multiword verbs (video version:
  26. A constructionist approach to the teaching of phrasal verbs
  27. Introducing semiosic translation
  28. Conversational Grammar: Some speech functions explained
  29. Lexical bundle and CLIL instruction in Colombia