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  1. Perspectives on the European Videogame
  2. ‘In the end you adapt to anything’: Responses to narratives of resilience and entrepreneurship in post-recession Spain
  3. From the handshake to the kiss: Visual motifs of affect in representations of politics in the Spanish press
  4. Offshoring & leaking: Cristiano Ronaldo’s tax evasion, and celebrity in neoliberal times
  5. Imaginarios de la crisis en la cultura popular española (2008-2015): narrativas neoliberales en el entretenimiento y la ficción televisivos.
  6. Analysis of the participation of the writer Lucia Etxebarria in a reality TV show
  7. ‘Celebrities also suffer from the economic crisis’: Broke celebrities and neoliberal narratives from Spain’s Great Recession
  8. Framing Sálvame: Public debates on taste, quality and television in Spain
  9. The political relevance of ‘almost trivial-looking things’. An interview with Theo van Leeuwen (ENG)
  10. Video Games, Dystopia, and Neoliberalism: The Case of BioShock Infinite
  11. Top selling video game covers convey neoliberal values
  12. Videogame analysis: a social-semiotic approach
  13. Celebrificación del candidato. Cultura de la fama, marketing electoral y construcción de la imagen pública del político
  14. Celebrity, class and gender in Spain: an analysis of Belén Esteban’s image
  15. Qué es la fama según los programas "Operación Triunfo" y "'¡Fama a Bailar!"