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  1. Linked open data portals: functionalities and user experience in semantic catalogues
  2. Confluence between library and information science and digital humanities in Spain
  3. Evolution of the big deals use in the public universities of the Castile and Leon region, Spain
  4. Selecting thesaurus tools that help to detect and correct integrity problems in thesauri
  5. Assessign the quality of the thesaurus constructs support provided by thesaurus tools
  6. How can thesauri be shared as Linked Data, illustrated with examples from three popular thesauri.
  7. La sede web del “Proyecto TRACE (traducción y censura)”. Características y estudio de usabilidad
  8. On the evaluation of thesaurus tools compatible with the Semantic Web
  9. Impact of the consumption of electronic contents on research productivity in the universities of Castile and Leon
  10. Impacto de la contratación de colecciones de revistas electrónicas en la productividad de la Universidad de Vigo
  11. Trends and Models in the Consumption of Electronic Contents
  12. An Analysis of the Use of Electronic Journals in a Spanish Academic Context: Developments and Profitability
  13. Patterns of Use of Electronic Journals in Spanish University Libraries
  14. E‐science and open access repositories in Spain
  15. Uso de las revistas-e suministradas por Emerald en bibliotecas universitarias españolas (2002-2005)
  16. Survey of the Providers of Electronic Publications Holding Contracts with Spanish University Libraries