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  1. Selecting thesaurus tools that help to detect and correct integrity problems in thesauri
  2. Assessign the quality of the thesaurus constructs support provided by thesaurus tools
  3. How can thesauri be shared as Linked Data, illustrated with examples from three popular thesauri.
  4. On the evaluation of thesaurus tools compatible with the Semantic Web
  5. Propuesta metodológica de evaluación de gestores de tesauros compatibles con la web semántica
  6. Alignment of five multi-purpose geospatial ontologies
  7. Data models for version management of legislative documents
  8. Structure management and automatic reference resolution with XML
  9. Teaching databases in compliance with the European dimension of higher education: Best practices for better competences
  10. Reference Extraction and Resolution for Legal Texts
  11. Relationship-Based Dynamic Versioning of Evolving Legal Documents
  12. A method for the dynamic generation of virtual versions of evolving documents
  13. Document Versioning and XML in Digital Libraries
  14. Document Versioning in Digital Libraries
  15. Document Versioning in Digital Libraries