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  1. Porous titanium substrates coated with a bilayer of bioactive glasses
  2. Biofunctional and Tribomechanical Behavior of Porous Titanium Substrates Coated with a Bioactive Glass Bilayer (45S5–1393)
  3. Development and implementation of a sequential compaction device to obtain radial graded porosity cylinders
  4. Porous Titanium Cylinders Obtained by the Freeze-Casting Technique: Influence of Process Parameters on Porosity and Mechanical Behavior
  5. Directed Irradiation Synthesis as an Advanced Plasma Technology for Surface Modification to Activate Porous and “as-received” Titanium Surfaces
  6. Balancing Porosity and Mechanical Properties of Titanium Samples to Favor Cellular Growth against Bacteria
  7. Porous Titanium Surfaces to Control Bacteria Growth: Mechanical Properties and Sulfonated Polyetheretherketone Coatings as Antibiofouling Approaches
  8. Titanium - castor oil based polyurethane composite foams for bone tissue engineering
  9. Porous Titanium for Biomedical Applications: Evaluation of the Conventional Powder Metallurgy Frontier and Space-Holder Technique
  10. Bacterial behavior on coated porous titanium substrates for biomedical applications
  11. Bioactive coatings on porous titanium for biomedical applications
  12. Preparation and characterization of titanium—segmented polyurethane composites for bone tissue engineering
  13. A Simple and Economical Device to Process Ti Cylinders with Elongated Porosity by Freeze-Casting Techniques: Design and Manufacturing
  14. Improvement of the balance between a reduced stress shielding and bone ingrowth by bioactive coatings onto porous titanium substrates
  15. Sol-gel deposition of hydroxyapatite coatings on porous titanium for biomedical applications
  16. Electrophoretic deposition and characterization of chitosan/bioactive glass composite coatings on Mg alloy substrates
  17. Design, processing and characterization of titanium with radial graded porosity for bone implants
  18. Processing and characterization of surrogate nuclear materials with controlled radial porosity
  19. Design, Processing and Characterization of Materials with Controlled Radial Porosity for Biomedical and Nuclear Applications
  20. Electrophoretic Deposition of PEEK/45S5 Bioactive Glass Coating on Porous Titanium Substrate: Influence of Processing Conditions and Porosity Parameters
  21. Fabrication and characterization of CeO2 pellets for simulation of nuclear fuel
  22. On the influence of space holder in the development of porous titanium implants: Mechanical, computational and biological evaluation
  23. Electrophoretic Deposition and Characterization of Chitosan/45S5 Bioactive Glass Composite Coatings on Porous Titanium for Biomedical Applications
  24. Development of new titanium implants with longitudinal gradient porosity by space-holder technique
  25. Designing, processing and characterisation of titanium cylinders with graded porosity: An alternative to stress-shielding solutions
  26. Development of porous titanium for biomedical applications: A comparison between loose sintering and space-holder techniques
  27. Design, Fabrication and Characterization of Titanium with Graded Porosity by using Space-holder Technique
  28. Effect of sintering time on the microstructure and mechanical properties of (Ti,Ta)(C,N)-based cermets
  29. Titanium for biomedical application with radial graded porosity: Development of a novel compaction device
  30. Procesamiento y Caracterización de Titanio Poroso Pulvimetalúrgico para Implantes y Prótesis Articulares
  31. Processing, characterization and biological testing of porous titanium obtained by space-holder technique
  32. Processing and characterization of porous titanium for implants by using NaCl as space holder
  33. Consolidation by electrical resistance sintering of Ti powder
  34. Conventional Powder Metallurgy Process and Characterization of Porous Titanium for Biomedical Applications
  35. Simplified PM processing of mechanically alloyed aluminium
  36. Processing of mechanically alloyed aluminum powder: A metallographic study
  37. Increasing the ductility and strength of submicrometer-grained P/M aluminium
  38. Premature fracture in automobile leaf springs
  39. Changes in Particle Size and Crystallinity in Ground Nickel Powder
  40. Intermetallic Effects on the Ductility of Sintered Aluminium
  41. Production and processing of ultra-fine grained, nanostructured and amorphous alloys by mechanical alloying
  42. Electrical Resistance Sintering of M.A. Al-5AlN Powders
  43. Green and Sintered Properties of Consolidated Mixtures of Mechanically Alloyed and Elemental Al Powders
  44. Electrical conductivity of sintered powder compacts
  45. Influence of milling conditions on the wear resistance of mechanically alloyed aluminium
  46. Effective pressure on powders under triaxial compression
  47. Effective pressure on powders under uniaxial compression
  48. Thermal and electrical conductivities of sintered powder compacts
  49. Wear of aluminium-base materials processed by mechanical milling in air or ammonia
  50. Effect of Mg as Sintering Additive on the Consolidation of Mechanically Alloyed Al Powder
  51. Structure and Properties of Consolidated Attrition-Milled Al-5%Ti PM Specimens
  52. Sintering of Al/AlN composite powder obtained by gas–solid reaction milling
  53. Consolidación de polvo de hierro mediante sinterización por resistencia eléctrica
  54. Failure of gas turbine blades
  55. Simplificación del procesado de polvo de aluminio molido y estudio de las propiedades mecánicas de los compactos resultantes
  56. Dry and lubricated wear resistance of mechanically-alloyed aluminium-base sintered composites
  57. Consolidation of mechanically alloyed aluminium by double cold-pressing and sintering
  58. An Alternative Route to the Consolidation of Mechanically Alloyed Aluminum Powder