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  1. Open spaces for co-creation: a community-based approach to tourism product diversification
  2. Stakeholder-based conjoint analysis for branding wellness tourism in Kerala, India
  3. Soft Is Better: Determinants of Preferences for Non-Motorized Forms of Transportation in Urban Tourism Destinations
  4. Determinants of collective transport mode choice and its impacts on trip satisfaction in urban tourism
  5. Destination management and sustainable development through the common lens of the Commons
  6. Nature, Tourism, Growth, Resilience and Sustainable Development
  7. Peter Nijkamp on the Move: Crossing Borders Between Regional Science and Tourism Studies
  8. Tourism, smart specialisation, growth, and resilience
  9. Variety, Smart Specialization and Tourism Competitiveness
  10. Cultural Heritage Appraisal by Visitors to Global Cities: The Use of Social Media and Urban Analytics in Urban Buzz Research
  11. Seasonality and regional productivity in the Spanish accommodation sector
  12. Impact of tourism on economic growth
  13. The evaluation of the perceived value of festival experiences: the case of Serralves em Festa!
  14. A systematic model for wellness tourism development on rural areas
  15. What attracts tourists and residents to a city?
  16. The immaterial aspects of regional economies and tourism competitiveness
  17. Territory and Sustainable Tourism Development: a Space-Time Analysis on European Regions
  18. Are Creative Cities Good Places for Creative People? Notes on the Social Conditions for Cultural Production in Contemporary Economy
  19. Territorial capital, smart tourism specialization and sustainable regional development: Experiences from Europe
  20. Assessment of wellness tourism development in Hokkaido: a multicriteria and strategic choice analysis
  21. A spatial analysis on the determinants of tourism performance in Japanese Prefectures
  22. Special issue on innovation and ecology: regional science perspectives on spatial systems
  23. Editorial
  24. Tourism growth and regional resilience
  25. Market segmentation and their potential economic impacts in an ecotourism destination
  26. Towards A Regional Science Academy: A Manifesto
  27. Impact Assessment in Tourism Economics
  28. Editorial Introduction
  29. Universities and Knowledge-Based Regional Development: A Comparative Study on the Triple Helix Framework in Amsterdam and Sapporo
  30. Culture, product differentiation and market segmentation: a structural analysis of the motivation and satisfaction of tourists in Amsterdam
  31. Tourist Loyalty and Urban E-Services: A Comparison of Behavioral Impacts in Leipzig and Amsterdam
  32. Determinants of trip choice, satisfaction and loyalty in an eco-tourism destination: a modelling study on the Shiretoko Peninsula, Japan
  33. An Image-Based Multi-Criteria Assessment of Sustainable Redevelopment Plans of a University Campus
  34. Tourists, signs and the city: the semiotics of culture in an urban landscape
  35. Describing the relationships between tourist satisfaction and destination loyalty in a segmented and digitalized market
  36. Regional tourism development: culture, nature, life cycle and attractiveness
  37. Territorial Differentiation, Competitiveness and Sustainability of Tourism
  38. Digital destinations in the tourist sector: a path model for the impact of e-services on tourist expenditures in Amsterdam
  39. Regional Tourism Development
  40. Digital Destinations in the Tourist Sector: A Path Model for the Impact of E-Services on Tourist Expenditures in Amsterdam
  41. Describing the Relationships between Tourist Satisfaction and Destination Loyalty in a Segmented and Digitalized Market