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  1. Sancte et sapienter
  2. Imago Dei: Metaphorical conceptualization of pictorial artworks within a participant-based framework
  3. A bene placito *
  4. Sic vita est: Visual representation in painting of the conceptual metaphor LIFE IS A JOURNEY
  5. Arcana imperii*
  6. Actiones secundum fidei1
  7. Parea non servin: strategies of exploitation and resistance in the caporalato discourse
  8. Machina ex homine, homo ex machina
  9. De Corporibus Humanis: Metaphor and Ideology in the Representation of the Human Body in Cinema
  10. Talis pater, talis filius: the role of discursive strategies, thematic narratives and ideology in Cosa Nostra
  11. Aliud pro alio: Context and narratives within a neo-Nazi community of practice
  12. In nomine patris: Discursive strategies and ideology in the Cosa Nostra family discourse