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  1. Exploiting chemometrics for screening analysis by near-infrared spectroscopy without the support of reference analytical methods: Application to bulk sweeteners
  2. Exploiting microdistillation and smartphone-based digital-image colorimetry for determination of protein in foods
  3. A novel approach for lactose determination in cow's milk exploiting smartphone-based digital-image photometry
  4. Evaluation of calibration approaches for quantitative analysis of sludge by laser induced breakdown spectrometry
  5. Feasibility of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for determination of neodymium in magnet alloys
  6. Multi-energy calibration for determining critical metals in nickel-metal hydride battery residues by microwave-induced plasma atomic emission spectrometry
  7. Sample preparation and spectrometric methods for elemental analysis of milk and dairy products – A review
  8. Innovative prediction of milk microbiological quality from pH measurements by digital imaging photometry
  9. The role of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural in food and recent advances in analytical methods
  10. Flow-based determination of lead exploiting in-syringe dispersive liquid-liquid micro-extraction in xylene and integrated spectrophotometric detection
  11. Chemical Derivatization in Flow Analysis
  12. Single-phase determination of calcium and magnesium in biodiesel using smartphone-based digital images
  13. Novel approach for screening milk based on fast and environmentally friendly determination of protein and fat
  14. Large-scale flow analysis: From repetitive assays to expert analyzers
  15. Smartphone-based digital images as a novel approach to determine formaldehyde as a milk adulterant
  16. Spot test for determination of uric acid in saliva by smartphone-based digital images: A new proposal for detecting kidney dysfunctions
  17. A novel approach to detect milk adulteration based on the determination of protein content by smartphone-based digital image colorimetry
  18. Green volumetric procedure for determining biodiesel content in diesel blends or mixtures with vegetable oils exploiting solubility differences in an ethanol:water medium
  19. Spot test for fast determination of hydrogen peroxide as a milk adulterant by smartphone-based digital image colorimetry
  20. Two-dimensional separation by sequential injection chromatography
  21. Flow-Batch Sample Preparation for Fractionation of the Stress Signaling Phytohormone Salicylic Acid in Fresh Leaves
  22. Solventless separation of underivatized biogenic amines by sequential injection chromatography
  23. Flow Analysis: A Powerful Tool for Green Analytical Chemistry
  24. 19th Brazilian meeting on analytical chemistry
  25. Multi-energy calibration to circumvent matrix effects in the determination of biodiesel quality parameters by UV–Vis spectrophotometry
  26. Exploitation of a short monolithic column for in‐line separation and preconcentration: Environmental friendly determination of the emerging pollutant salicylic acid in natural waters
  27. Systematic evaluation of sample preparation for fractionation of phytohormone salicylic acid in fresh leaves
  28. A spot test for total esters determination in sugarcane spirits exploiting smartphone-based digital images
  29. Flow analysis during the 60 years of Talanta
  30. Reply to the ‘Comment on “Slope ratio calibration for analysis of plant leaves by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy”’ by Vincenzo Palleschi, JAAS 2020, 35, DOI: C9JA00381A
  31. Spot test exploiting smartphone-based digital images for determination of biodiesel in diesel blends
  32. The multiple facets of flow analysis. A tutorial
  33. Flow-based solid sample preparation: Advantages, limitations, and challenges
  34. A simple and low-cost approach for microdistillation: Application to methanol determination in biodiesel exploiting smartphone-based digital images
  35. A greener, fast, and cost-effective smartphone-based digital image procedure for quantification of ethanol in distilled beverages
  36. Monoliths: Synthetic routes, functionalization and innovative analytical applications
  37. A novel spot test based on digital images for determination of methanol in biodiesel
  38. A new strategy for membraneless gas-liquid separation in flow analysis: Determination of dissolved inorganic carbon in natural waters
  39. An overview of the Brazilian contributions to Green Analytical Chemistry
  40. Multi-energy calibration and sample fusion as alternatives for quantitative analysis of high silicon content samples by laser-induced breakdown spectrometry
  41. Slope ratio calibration for analysis of plant leaves by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
  42. A green and cost-effective procedure for determination of anionic surfactants in milk with liquid-liquid microextraction and smartphone-based photometric detection
  43. Editorial
  44. Fluidized particles in flow analysis: potentialities, limitations and applications
  45. Metal and trace element assessments of bottom sediments from medium Tietê River basin, Sao Paulo State, Brazil: part II
  46. Spectrofluorimetric determination of bisphenol A in tap waters by exploiting liquid-liquid microextraction in a sequential injection system
  47. Fast Spectrophotometric Determination of Iodine Value in Biodiesel and Vegetable Oils
  48. Flow Analysis: Looking Back and Forward
  49. Solid-phase extractions in flow analysis
  50. A flow-based procedure exploiting the lab-in-syringe approach for the determination of ester content in biodiesel and diesel/biodiesel blends
  51. A spot test for iodine value determination in biodiesel based on digital images exploiting a smartphone
  52. Recent advances on determination of milk adulterants
  53. Feasible photometric measurements in liquid–liquid extraction by exploiting smartphone-based digital images
  54. Flow-based food analysis: an overview of recent contributions
  55. Sinais de fundo em análise instrumental: uma discussão essencial em cursos de graduação
  56. On-line lab-in-syringe cloud point extraction for the spectrophotometric determination of antimony
  57. Cloud point extraction in flow-based systems
  58. Tracer-monitored flow titrations
  59. Fast and environmentally friendly determination of salicylic acid in plant materials by sequential injection chromatography
  60. Liquid–liquid microextraction in sequential injection analysis for the direct spectrophotometric determination of acid number in biodiesel
  61. A portable multi-syringe flow system for spectrofluorimetric determination of iodide in seawater
  62. Exploitation of pulsed flows for on-line dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction: Spectrophotometric determination of formaldehyde in milk
  63. The aquatic impact of ionic liquids on freshwater organisms
  64. Applications of biosorbents in atomic spectrometry
  65. A critical review on photochemical conversions in flow analysis
  66. NAA and XRF technique bottom sediment assessment for major and trace elements: Tietê River, São Paulo State, Brazil
  67. A fast and environmental friendly analytical procedure for determination of melamine in milk exploiting fluorescence quenching
  68. On-line hyphenation of solid-phase extraction to chromatographic separation of sulfonamides with fused-core columns in sequential injection chromatography
  69. An air carrier flow system for the spectrophotometric determination of water in biodiesel exploiting bleaching of the cobalt chloride complex
  70. A novel strategy to determine As, Cr, Hg and V in drinking water by ICP-MS/MS
  71. On-column preconcentration in sequential injection chromatography: application to determination of parabens
  72. Greener procedures for biodiesel quality control
  74. Expanding the separation capability of sequential injection chromatography: Determination of melamine in milk exploiting micellar medium and on-line sample preparation
  75. Liquid–liquid microextraction in a multicommuted flow system for direct spectrophotometric determination of iodine value in biodiesel
  76. An improved approach for flow-based cloud point extraction
  77. Flow analysis in Brazil: contributions over the last four decades
  78. A multi-pumping flow system for acute toxicity bioassay using the Vibrio fischeri bacteria
  79. Adsorption of 1-(2-Thiazolylazo)-2-Naphthol on Amberlite XAD-7 and Silica Gel: Isotherms and Kinetic Studies
  80. A flow injection low-pressure chromatographic system exploiting fused-core columns
  81. A green flow-injection procedure for fluorimetric determination of bisphenol A in tap waters based on the inclusion complex with β-cyclodextrin
  82. A multi-pumping flow system with on-line photochemical conversion and improved sensitivity for phosphorus fractionation in freshwaters
  83. Contributions of Flow Analysis for Quality Control of Automotive Fuels: A Review
  84. Photochemical micro-digestion in a multi-pumping flow system for phosphorus fractionation in cereals
  85. Sixteenth Brazilian Meeting on Analytical Chemistry (Brazil, 2011)
  86. An environmentally friendly flow-based procedure with photo-induced oxidation for the spectrophotometric determination of chloride in urine and waters
  87. Greening sample preparation in inorganic analysis
  88. A simple and fast procedure for in situ determination of water in ethanol fuel
  89. A Multi-pumping Flow System for Fast Spectrophotometric Determination of Simvastatin
  90. A multicommuted flow system with liquid–liquid microextraction for determination of anionic surfactants in freshwaters
  91. A Multi-pumping Flow System for Fast Spectrophotometric Determination of Simvastatin
  92. A multi-pumping flow-based procedure with improved sensitivity for the spectrophotometric determination of acid-dissociable cyanide in natural waters
  93. A single-phase spectrophotometric procedure for in situ analysis of free glycerol in biodiesel
  94. A Simple and Fast Procedure forin situDetermination of Water in Ethanol Fuel
  95. Green chemistry and the evolution of flow analysis. A review
  96. An environmentally friendly analytical procedure for nickel determination by atomic and molecular spectrometry after cloud point extraction in different samples
  97. Green Analytical Chemistry Through Flow Analysis
  98. Immobilization of glucose oxidase enzyme (GOD) in large pore ordered mesoporous cage-like FDU-1 silica
  99. Sequential spectrofluorimetric determination of free and total glycerol in biodiesel in a multicommuted flow system
  100. Exploiting Mn(III)/EDTA complex in a flow system with solenoid micro-pumps coupled to long pathlength spectrophotometry for fast manganese determination
  101. Liquid–liquid microextraction without phase separation in a multicommuted flow system for diltiazem determination in pharmaceuticals
  102. A multicommuted flow system for dissolution studies of Captopril in pharmaceutical preparations
  103. Sistema de análises em fluxo polivalente para a determinação espectrofotométrica de fármacos
  104. Direct Solid-Phase Optical Measurements in Flow Systems: A Review
  105. A flow injection procedure based on solenoid micro-pumps for spectrophotometric determination of free glycerol in biodiesel
  106. Versatile microanalytical system with porous polypropylene capillary membrane for calibration gas generation and trace gaseous pollutants sampling applied to the analysis of formaldehyde, formic acid, acetic acid and ammonia in outdoor air
  107. An environmentally friendly flow system for high-sensitivity spectrophotometric determination of free chlorine in natural waters
  108. A greener and highly sensitive flow-based procedure for carbaryl determination exploiting long pathlength spectrophotometry and photochemical waste degradation
  109. A flow-based procedure with solenoid micro-pumps for the spectrophotometric determination of uric acid in urine
  110. A green analytical procedure for determination of copper and iron in plant materials after cloud point extraction
  111. Construção de espectrômetro de emissão atômica com atomização eletrotérmica em filamento de tungstênio (WCAES)
  112. A multicommuted flow procedure for the determination of total and free cholesterol in eggs and human blood serum by chemiluminescence
  113. Cloud point extraction and concentration of carbaryl from natural waters
  114. Green Strategies in Trace Analysis: A Glimpse of Simple Alternatives for Sample Pretreatment and Analyte Determination
  115. Peat as a natural solid-phase for copper preconcentration and determination in a multicommuted flow system coupled to flame atomic absorption spectrometry
  116. Cloud point extraction to avoid interferences by structured background on nickel determination in plant materials by FAAS
  117. Flow-injection iodimetric determination of captopril in pharmaceutical preparations
  118. Analytical chemistry in Brazil: healthy and growing
  119. A critical evaluation of a long pathlength cell for flow-based spectrophotometric measurements
  120. A critical evaluation of a flow‐cell based on a liquid core waveguide for chemiluminescence measurements
  121. A Flow-Based Analytical Procedure for Salbutamol Determination Exploiting Chemiluminescence in a Liquid-Core Waveguide
  122. A multicommuted flow system with solenoid micro-pumps for paraquat determination in natural waters
  123. A green flow-based procedure for fluorimetric determination of acid-dissociable cyanide in natural waters exploiting multicommutation
  124. An improved procedure for flow-based turbidimetric sulphate determination based on a liquid core waveguide and pulsed flows
  125. A multicommuted flow-system for spectrophotometric determination of tannin exploiting the Cu(I)/BCA complex formation
  126. Construção de uma cela de fluxo de longo caminho óptico para medidas espectrofotométricas
  127. An improved flow-based procedure for microdetermination of total tannins in beverages with minimized reagent consumption
  128. A Multicommuted Flow‐based System for Hydrogen Peroxide Determination by Chemiluminescence Detection Using a Photodiode
  129. Development and critical comparison of greener flow procedures for nitrite determination in natural waters
  130. A green analytical procedure for sensitive and selective determination of iron in water samples by flow-injection solid-phase spectrophotometry
  131. A Multi‐purpose Flow System Based on Multi‐commutation
  132. Integração de técnicas analíticas e proposta de experimentos para cursos de graduação em análise instrumental: uso de espectrômetro de absorção atômica para medidas de absorção molecular
  133. An improved procedure for phosphorous fractionation in plant materials exploiting sample preparation and monosegmented flow analysis
  134. Evaluation of a Multicommuted Flow System for Photometric Environmental Measurements
  135. A portable and low cost equipment for flow injection chemiluminescence measurements
  136. A clean method for flow injection spectrophotometric determination of cyclamate in table sweeteners
  137. A green analytical procedure for flow-injection determination of nitrate in natural waters
  138. Estratégias para aumento de sensibilidade em espectrofotometria UV-VIS
  139. Multímetro interfaceado de baixo custo para aquisição de dados
  140. Um experimento de análise em fluxo envolvendo reações enzimáticas e quimiluminescência
  141. An improved flow system for phenols determination exploiting multicommutation and long pathlength spectrophotometry
  142. Simultaneous in-line concentration for spectrophotometric determination of cations and anions
  143. A multicommuted flow system for sequential spectrophotometric determination of hydrosoluble vitamins in pharmaceutical preparations
  144. Desenvolvimento de um dispositivo de baixo custo para medidas por quimiluminescência
  145. Multicommutation in flow analysis: concepts, applications and trends
  146. A Flow System for Spectrophotometric Multidetermination in Water Exploiting Reagent Injection
  147. Flow system with in-line separation/preconcentration coupled to graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry with W–Rh permanent modifier for copper determination in seawater
  148. Química analítica brasileira durante os 25 anos da SBQ: contexto atual e senso comum
  149. A multicommutation-based flow system for multi-element analysis in pharmaceutical preparations
  150. An improved flow system for spectrophotometric determination of anions exploiting multicommutation and multidetection
  151. Flow-injection spectrophotometric multidetermination of metallic ions with a single reagent exploiting multicommutation and multidetection
  152. Flow analysis strategies to greener analytical chemistry. An overview
  153. Detecting and circumventing sources of inaccuracy in flow analysis
  154. Nickel and zinc determination by flow-injection solid-phase spectrophotometry exploiting different sorption rates
  155. Influence of Na, K, Ca and Mg on lead atomization by tungsten coil atomic absorption spectrometry
  156. A flow system exploiting multicommutation for speciation of inorganic nitrogen in waters
  157. Experimentos didáticos utilizando sistema de análise por injeção em fluxo
  158. A Low-Cost Device for Automatic Photometric Titrations
  159. Construção de uma cela de fluxo para medidas por espectrofotometria em fase sólida
  160. Flow Injection Analysis in the Undergraduate Laboratory
  161. Monosegmented flow system exploiting multicommutation applied to spectrophotometric determination of manganese in soybean digests
  162. Flow-injection solid-phase spectrophotometry for the determination of zinc in pharmaceutical preparations
  163. Automatic multicommutation flow system for wide range spectrophotometric calcium determination
  164. Flow injection spectrophotometric determination of nitrate in electrolyte of lead-acid batteries
  165. Ionic Strength Effect on the Rate of Reduction of Hexacyanoferrate(III) by Ascorbic Acid: A Flow Injection Kinetic Experiment
  166. Overcoming the schlieren effect in flow injection spectrophotometry by introduction of large sample volumes: determination of chloride in the electrolyte of lead-acid batteries
  167. Effects of Solution Physical Properties on Copper and Chromium Signals in Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry