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  1. Weak Gravitational lensing by phantom black holes and phantom wormholes using the Gauss–Bonnet theorem
  2. The Effect of the Brane-Dicke Coupling Parameter on Weak Gravitational Lensing by  Wormholes and Naked Singularities
  3. Formation of wormholes by dark matter in the galaxy Dragonfly 44
  4. Exact traversable wormhole solution in bumblebee gravity
  5. Gravitational lensing under the effect of Weyl and bumblebee gravities: Applications of Gauss–Bonnet theorem
  6. Holographic thermodynamics of accelerating black holes
  7. Shadow cast and deflection angle of Kerr-Newman-Kasuya spacetime
  8. Nonlinear electrodynamics AdS black hole and related phenomena in the extended thermodynamics
  9. Analytical solutions in a cosmic string Born–Infeld-dilaton black hole geometry: quasinormal modes and quantization
  10. Quasinormal modes of a Schwarzschild black hole immersed in an electromagnetic universe
  11. Light deflection by Damour-Solodukhin wormholes and Gauss-Bonnet theorem
  12. Quasinormal modes and greybody factors of f(R) gravity minimally coupled to a cloud of strings in 2+1 dimensions
  13. Tunneling Glashow-Weinberg-Salam Model Particles from Black Hole Solutions in Rastall Theory
  14. P-v Criticality of a Specific Black Hole in f(R) Gravity Coupled with Yang-Mills Field
  15. Deflection of light by rotating regular black holes using the Gauss-Bonnet theorem
  16. Falsifying cosmological models based on a non-linear electrodynamics
  17. Inflation from a nonlinear magnetic monopole field nonminimally coupled to curvature
  18. Hawking radiation and propagation of massive charged scalar field on a three-dimensional Gödel black hole
  19. Effect of the cosmological constant on the deflection angle by a rotating cosmic string
  20. Gravitational lensing by rotating wormholes
  21. Quantum tunneling and quasinormal modes in the spacetime of the Alcubierre warp drive
  22. Stability of effective thin-shell wormholes under Lorentz symmetry breaking supported by dark matter and dark energy
  23. Particle acceleration by static black holes in a model of f(R) gravity
  24. Publisher’s Note: Light deflection by charged wormholes in Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton theory [Phys. Rev. D 96 , 084036 (2017)]
  25. Light deflection by charged wormholes in Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton theory
  26. Relativistic Bose-Einstein condensates thin-shell wormholes
  27. Eruptive Massive Vector Particles of 5-Dimensional Kerr-Gödel Spacetime
  28. The effect of the Gauss–Bonnet term on Hawking radiation from arbitrary dimensional black brane
  29. Charged thin-shell gravastars in noncommutative geometry
  30. Thin-shell wormholes in neo-Newtonian theory
  31. Effect of Lorentz symmetry breaking on the deflection of light in a cosmic string spacetime
  32. The effect of the GUP on massive vector and scalar particles tunneling from a warped DGP gravity black hole
  33. Hawking radiation and deflection of light from Rindler modified Schwarzschild black hole
  34. Light deflection by a rotating global monopole spacetime
  35. Anisotropic stellar models admitting conformal motion
  36. Canonical acoustic thin-shell wormholes
  37. Hawking Radiation of Scalar and Vector Particles from 5D Myers-Perry Black Holes
  38. Inflation and acceleration of the universe by nonlinear magnetic monopole fields
  39. Tunnelling of Massive/Massless Bosons from the Apparent Horizon of FRW Universe
  40. A particular thin-shell wormhole
  41. Particle Collision Near 1 + 1-Dimensional Horava-Lifshitz Black Hole and Naked Singularity
  42. The Bekenstein-Hawking Corpuscular Cascading from the Back-Reacted Black Hole
  43. Об одной кротовой норе с тонкой оболочкой
  44. Stable Dyonic Thin-Shell Wormholes in Low-Energy String Theory
  45. Rotating thin-shell wormhole
  46. GUP assisted Hawking radiation of rotating acoustic black holes
  47. Hawking Radiation of Mass Generating Particles from Dyonic Reissner–Nordström Black Hole
  48. Existence of traversable wormholes in the spherical stellar systems
  49. Tunneling of massive vector particles from rotating charged black strings
  50. Black hole radiation of massive spin-2 particles in (3+1) dimensions
  51. Massive vector particles tunneling from noncommutative charged black holes and their GUP-corrected thermodynamics
  52. Entangled Particles Tunneling From a Schwarzschild Black Hole immersed in an Electromagnetic Universe with GUP
  53. Quantum tunneling of massive spin-1 particles from non-stationary metrics
  54. Hawking radiation of spin-1 particles from a three-dimensional rotating hairy black hole
  55. Gravitinos tunneling from traversable Lorentzian wormholes
  56. Tunnelling of vector particles from Lorentzian wormholes in 3+1 dimensions
  57. Uninformed Hawking radiation
  58. Gravitational lensing effect on the Hawking radiation of dyonic black holes
  59. Thin-shell wormholes from the regular Hayward black hole