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  1. Superradiant (In)stability, Greybody Radiation, and Quasinormal Modes of Rotating Black Holes in Non-Linear Maxwell f(R) Gravity
  2. Fermionic Greybody Factors in Schwarzschild Acoustic Black Holes
  3. Gravitational lensing in Kerr–Newman anti de Sitter spacetime
  4. Exponential corrected thermodynamics of Born–Infeld BTZ black holes in massive gravity
  5. Non-perturbative correction to the Hořava–Lifshitz black hole thermodynamics
  6. Thermodynamics and Phase Transition of Gravitational Global and Local Monopole
  7. Modified cosmic Chaplygin AdS black hole
  8. Physical properties of brane-world black hole solutions via a confining potential
  9. Quasinormal Modes of AdS Black Strings
  10. Greybody radiation of scalar and Dirac perturbations of NUT black holes
  11. Reply to “Comment on ‘Greybody radiation and quasinormal modes of Kerr-like black hole in Bumblebee gravity model”’
  12. Topical Review: greybody factors and quasinormal modes for black holes invarious theories - fingerprints of invisibles
  13. GUP-modified Hawking radiation and transmission/reflection coefficients of rotating polytropic black hole
  14. Quasinormal modes of dS and AdS black holes: Feedforward neural network method
  15. Greybody radiation and quasinormal modes of Kerr-like black hole in Bumblebee gravity model
  16. Fermion tunneling, instability, and first law of Rindler modified Schwarzschild black hole as a thermodynamic system
  17. Quasinormal modes of charged fermions in linear dilaton black hole spacetime: Exact frequencies
  18. Holographic dissipative properties of non-relativistic black branes with hyperscaling violation
  19. Greybody factors of black holes in dRGT massive gravity coupled with nonlinear electrodynamics
  20. Effect of null aether field on weak deflection angle of black holes
  21. Testing generalized Einstein-Cartan-Kibble-Sciama gravity using weak deflection angle and shadow cast
  22. PV criticality of Achucarro–Ortiz black hole in the presence of higher-order quantum and GUP corrections
  23. Fermion Clouds Around z = 0 Lifshitz Black Holes
  24. Shadow cast of noncommutative black holes in Rastall gravity
  25. Greybody factors of holographic superconductors with $$z=2$$ Lifshitz scaling
  26. Hawking radiation via Gauss–Bonnet theorem
  27. Effect of quintessence on geodesics and Hawking radiation of Schwarzschild black hole
  28. Solution of Dirac equation and greybody radiation around a regular Bardeen black hole surrounded by quintessence
  29. Quantum tunneling of fermions from Grumiller black hole
  30. Weak gravitational lensing by Kerr-MOG black hole and Gauss–Bonnet theorem
  31. Gravitational lensing by wormholes supported by electromagnetic, scalar, and quantum effects
  32. GUP modified Hawking radiation in bumblebee gravity
  33. Linear stability of Mandal–Sengupta–Wadia black holes
  34. Hawking Radiation of Relativistic Particles from Black Strings
  35. Exact traversable wormhole solution in bumblebee gravity
  36. Preface to “Mathematical Methods in Physics”
  37. Resonant frequencies of linear dilaton black holes in Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton gravity
  38. Spectroscopy of stringy black hole
  39. Absorption Cross Section and Decay Rate of Dilatonic Black Strings
  40. Gravitational lensing under the effect of Weyl and bumblebee gravities: Applications of Gauss–Bonnet theorem
  41. Shadow cast and deflection angle of Kerr-Newman-Kasuya spacetime
  42. Analytical solutions in a cosmic string Born–Infeld-dilaton black hole geometry: quasinormal modes and quantization
  43. Quasinormal modes of a Schwarzschild black hole immersed in an electromagnetic universe
  44. Spectroscopy of z=0 Lifshitz Black Hole
  45. Black Holes: Insights and Enigmas
  46. Dirac and Klein–Gordon–Fock equations in Grumiller’s spacetime
  47. Quantum tunneling and quasinormal modes in the spacetime of the Alcubierre warp drive
  48. Eruptive Massive Vector Particles of 5-Dimensional Kerr-Gödel Spacetime
  49. Effect of Lorentz symmetry breaking on the deflection of light in a cosmic string spacetime
  50. Hawking radiation and deflection of light from Rindler modified Schwarzschild black hole
  51. Stationary scalar clouds around maximally rotating linear dilaton black holes
  52. A particular thin-shell wormhole
  53. Об одной кротовой норе с тонкой оболочкой
  54. Analytical solutions in rotating linear dilaton black holes: Resonant frequencies, quantization, greybody factor, and Hawking radiation
  55. GUP assisted Hawking radiation of rotating acoustic black holes
  56. Hawking Radiation of Mass Generating Particles from Dyonic Reissner–Nordström Black Hole
  57. Quantum tunneling from rotating black holes with scalar hair in three dimensions
  58. Black hole radiation of massive spin-2 particles in (3+1) dimensions
  59. Hawking radiation of non-asymptotically flat rotating black holes
  60. Hawking radiation of massive vector particles from a warped AdS 3 black hole
  61. Absorption cross-section and decay rate of rotating linear dilaton black holes
  62. Spectroscopy of rotating linear dilaton black holes from boxed quasinormal modes
  63. Exact solutions to the geodesic equations of linear dilaton black holes
  64. Quantum tunneling of massive spin-1 particles from non-stationary metrics
  65. Hawking radiation of spin-1 particles from a three-dimensional rotating hairy black hole
  66. Gravitinos tunneling from traversable Lorentzian wormholes
  67. Tunnelling of vector particles from Lorentzian wormholes in 3+1 dimensions
  68. Erratum to: Fading Hawking radiation
  69. Quantization of rotating linear dilaton black holes
  70. Uninformed Hawking radiation
  71. Resonance Spectra of Caged Stringy Black Hole and Its Spectroscopy
  72. Gravitational lensing effect on the Hawking radiation of dyonic black holes
  73. Hawking Radiation of Grumiller Black Hole
  74. Spectroscopy of Rindler modified Schwarzschild black hole
  75. Effect of the refractive index on the hawking temperature: an application of the Hamilton-Jacobi method
  78. Effect of the cosmological constant in the Hawking radiation of 3D charged dilaton black hole
  79. Fading Hawking radiation
  80. Chaos in Kundt Type-III Spacetimes
  82. Entropy Conservation of Linear Dilaton Black Holes in Quantum Corrected Hawking Radiation
  83. Dilatonic Entropic Force
  84. Dilatonic interpolation between Reissner–Nordström and Bertotti–Robinson spacetimes with physical consequences
  85. Hawking Radiation of Linear Dilaton Black Holes in Various Theories
  86. Exact solutions to a massive charged scalar field equation in the magnetically charged stringy black-hole geometry and Hawking radiation
  87. Effect of the Born–Infeld parameter in higher dimensional Hawking radiation
  88. Solution of the Dirac equation in the rotating Bertotti–Robinson spacetime
  89. Chaos in electrovac and non-Abelian plane wave spacetimes
  90. Solution of the Dirac equation in the near horizon geometry of an extreme Kerr black hole
  91. New Singular and Nonsingular Colliding Wave Solutions in Einstein-Maxwell-Scalar Theory
  92. The Dirac Equation in the Bertotti-Robinson Space-Time
  93. Collision of electromagnetic shock waves coupled with axion waves: an example