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Kudos is a web-based toolkit for expanding the reach and impact of your institution’s research. Kudos provides an independent, cross-publisher platform for researchers to explain and share their work with wider audiences, and to measure the impact this has on downloads, citations and altmetrics.

We are developing reports that will help universities, research organizations, corporations and funders understand how your researchers are using our tools, and to what effect. Our goal is to enable you to amplify and support their efforts, and optimize your own outreach. If you would like to participate in our free pilot, or to be kept informed when we launch a full service, please contact Charlie Rapple.

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Kudos uniquely brings together a range of article-level metrics including usage, altmetrics and citations. By mapping these against researchers’ use of our toollkit, we can demonstrate the value of their actions and motivate continued effort.

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Kudos helps you identify high-interest research, understand how researcher-led outreach affects usage and citations, and benchmark the performance of your publications against a wide range of metrics.

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The insight provided by Kudos helps you maximize the impact of your research investment by optimizing your research communication and planning activities. Using the Kudos toolkit to explain work in plain language also makes research more accessible, thereby maximizing its audience both within and beyond academia.

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Get Started

Contact Charlie Rapple for more information about how you can better support your researchers in maximizing the reach and impact of their publications.

We are proud to be piloting our institutional edition with: