What is Kudos?

Kudos is a web-based service that helps researchers and their institutions and funders to maximize the visibility and impact of their published articles. Kudos provides a platform for assembling and creating information to help search filtering, for sharing information to drive discovery, and for measuring and monitoring the effect of these activities.

Who is Kudos for?

Kudos is for researchers who want assistance with increasing usage of and citations to their publications. Kudos is also for institutions and funders looking to increase the impact of the research that they fund, and for publishers wanting to develop closer relationships with their author communities and increase publication performance.

How does Kudos work?

Researchers register to use Kudos and are then led through the following steps:
About Us - Explain


Explain publications by adding simple descriptions that anyone can understand, by highlighting what makes the work important or by adding links to additional resources.

Publishers - Share


Share publications by email and social media. Kudos also shares content and links across discovery channels (such as search engines and subject indexes) to increase readership.

About Us - Measure


Kudos enables researchers and their institutions and publishers to track the effect of their actions against a wide range of metrics, including downloads, citations and altmetrics.

How does Kudos work?

The basic service is free for researchers to use; publishers and institutions pay a fee for access to support tools, information on article and author performance within Kudos, and also to supplement the data set available to their authors to help them evaluate the impact of their efforts.
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  • Melinda Kenneway

    Melinda Kenneway

    Executive Director - Co-Founder

    Scholarly communications is an industry I fell into after completing my degree in Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford; but after just a few weeks I knew there was never going to be anything else for me. I learned my marketing skills through a thirteen-year career with Oxford University Press, rising to the position of Marketing Director of the Journals Division. In 2005, excited by the potential to work more broadly within the industry, I co-founded TBI Communications Ltd – a specialist marketing agency working with authors, institutions, publishers and societies all over the world.

  • Charlie Rapple

    Charlie Rapple

    Sales & Marketing Director - Co-founder

    I’m a geek marketer, and finding the scholarly communications sector was like coming home. I have an insatiable interest in new techniques and technologies, about which I speak and write regularly. I’m passionate about breaking down barriers and improving relationships in the information supply chain, and as such am an enthusiastic volunteer for the industry association UKSG. I am also an Associate Editor of Learned Publishing. I hold a BA from the University of Bristol and a postgraduate MDip in Marketing. I joined TBI in 2008 from Publishing Technology, where I was head of group marketing; previous roles include electronic publishing and account management at CatchWord, and linking and product management at Ingenta.

  • David Sommer

    David Sommer

    Product Director - Co-founder

    Products are my passion! I have over 20 years' experience in the global publishing industry, having held senior technology and sales roles at Blackwell Publishing and a board level position at Macmillan. I ran David Sommer Consulting from 2009 and have worked with many leading publishers, societies, vendors and libraries in Europe, the US and the Middle East. I am actively involved in standards development and chair the COUNTER Executive Committee. I regularly chair and speak at industry events and also serve on committees with ALPSP and UKSG. I hold an MA in Physics from The University of Oxford and an MBA from University College Dublin.

  • Nevelina Aleksandrova

    Nevelina Aleksandrova

    Full-Stack Developer

    As a Full-Stack developer, I both enjoy and benefit from working in a dynamic team on a product that keeps evolving and improving, like growkudos.com. I work with Ruby, Python and Javascript using various web development frameworks. Front-end development and crafting (no)sql queries are particualr favourites of mine. I am an associate at Cottagelabs LLP.

  • James Bloomer

    James Bloomer

    Head of Technology

    I am a software engineer with many years' experience of architecture, design, development and leading teams, having worked on a wide range of products in a variety of industries. I believe in cultivating a culture of continuous improvement in the teams that I work in, there's always more to learn about creating software. I love staying up to date with current software technology and processes, drawing on the collective experiences of the industry to pick the right tool to deliver value efficiently. I have a PhD in Particle Physics from The University of Birmingham, having studied Tau Leptons whilst working on the OPAL experiment at CERN.

  • Ryan Brooks

    Ryan Brooks

    I am an experienced technical lead and CTO with extensive experience in software engineering, full-stack systems architecure and development. My career has taken me from painstakingly recovering critical data from dying disks to building responsive web applications and enterprise security (and everything in-between). I'm now a director of Slate Horse Limited and we're proud to be providing technical strategy, technical recruitment assistance, and getting our hands dirty developing features for Kudos. In my spare time I help organise the JSOxford and OxRUG developer meetups and organise regular events to bring the software community together.

  • Greg Joy

    Greg Joy

    Full-Stack Developer

    I am a full stack enthusiast, passionate about making ambitious ideas a reality. Armed with a BSc Hons degree in Network Computing from Oxford Brookes and industry experience developing on the web, I relish this opportunity to work and grow with the team at Kudos on helping develop this ground breaking product.

  • Ann Lawson

    Ann Lawson

    Head of Business Development

    After completing my PhD in German literature and politics, I spent my twenties working as a Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham and the German national language research institute on corpus linguistic and lexicology projects, plus freelancing as a bilingual dictionary compiler. I entered the world of academic and educational publishing via lexicography, somewhat by accident, and discovered a love for the industry, new technologies and the fascinating opportunities for innovative projects and relationships . Previous employment includes HarperCollins, Oxford University Press and EBSCO, and along the way I've been involved with great colleagues on selling rights, managing strategic relationships, working with partners and developing new business. I have a CIM marketing qualification, have actively volunteered with ALPSP, UKSG and the Oxford Publishing Society, and am generally to be found in an evening class or poring over a MOOC.

  • Lauren McNeill

    Lauren McNeill

    Marketing Manager

    With a passion for all things marketing, I have worked for several start-up and small businesses, helping build brand awareness and increased user engagement, particularly via online channels such as social media. I enjoy pushing the boundaries and achieving the impossible! I hold a BA in Marketing Communications from the University of the West of England, and I’m currently completing a CIM Diploma in Digital Marketing with the Oxford College of Marketing.

  • Lianne Moncur

    Lianne Moncur

    Executive Assistant

    I am a passionate and hard working individual with a BSc in Psychology from The University of Portsmouth. Having gained extensive experience within clinical and project co-ordination, I am delighted to have joined Kudos in the scholarly communications industry. I am extremely keen to bring my pro-active and organized personality to the organization and I feel that working with Kudos is an exciting opportunity to flex and further develop my skills on so many levels. I cannot wait to explore and grow with this dynamic company in such an exciting field.

  • Logan Scott

    Logan Scott

    Senior Product Manager

    I am an experienced product manager with a background in both print and digital publishing. I have worked for small digital agencies and large, international publishers and have proven successful in creating strong and trusting relationship with both stakeholders and development teams. My portfolio of products includes a great variation from games-based learning applications and class presentation and management tools to a product delivery and user-management platform. I love good UX and am trained in Agile methodology. I will always work hard to stream-line development processes without losing focus of delivering sophisticated and user-friendly digital products. I am excited about the potential of digital products for the advancement of communication and the role of Kudos plays within scholarly publishing.

  • Rebecca Shumbata

    Rebecca Shumbata

    Sales Manager, North America

    Scholarly Publishing has been my home since 2001. I’ve sold advertising for Cell Press, New Scientist and the New England Journal of Medicine. Most recently, I spent over five years selling web sites for Publishing Technology which I found very competitive and exciting. I’m so pleased to be the first USA employee and look forward to keeping publishers up-to-date on Kudos’ author tools. When I’m not at my desk, visiting a client or at a conference, I’m pursuing a new interest just outside my front door, gardening. Gardening in the warmer months leaves me time to head to Maine for fun-filled ski weekends with family and friends.

  • Laura Simonite

    Laura Simonite

    Account Manager

    I started my career with a digital platform start-up, working primarily with magazines and journals and have been interested in the digital publishing industry ever since! I recently completed an MA Publishing with Oxford Brookes, with the aim of becoming more involved in the scholarly side of publishing. Having spent some time working in the digital communications department of a global professional Standards organisation before moving into international sales with Taylor & Francis, I’m looking forward to using these experiences to build great relationships with Kudos’s publishing clients, helping them to make the most of the service.

  • Steve Smith

    Steve Smith

    Institutional Sales Manager

    I have more than a dozen years in academic publishing and the library world in various forms, and it is a true pleasure to be part of the explosion of innovation at Kudos! After graduating with a BA in Classics at Durham University, and realising that it might not necessarily lead directly to an obvious job in any particular profession, I took an English-teaching course and spent some years teaching in Poland. The time I spent in a rural location over there attempting to converse with the locals paid off, when Emerald offered me the chance to represent the company in Central and Eastern Europe. I have also held sales roles with Publishing Technology, ProQuest, OCLC and Thomson Reuters, covering Europe, Middle East and Africa, working with libraries and research offices across a range of technology solutions. When I’m not at work, I’m often terrorising people’s eardrums with my trombone playing. I promise not to bring it to any meetings with me.

  • Emanuil Tolev

    Emanuil Tolev

    Full-Stack Developer

    I am a full-stack developer, which for me means daily Ruby, Python, Javascript and CSS, as well as lots of rDBMS and noSQL. I came into the scholarly communications field from the Open Knowledge and Open Access angle, which I got involved in during my BSc Computer Science at Aberystwyth University and am now a partner at Cottage Labs LLP. I love the field and taking on any technical challenge together with the right people. I particularly enjoy the extreme ends of web development - investigations into deep-rooted problems vs. architecting an app and creating a nice and flexible domain model to work from in the long run. Finally, I'm also a sysadmin and devops buff and enjoy supporting projects' infrastructure, even the 3am calls.

  • Martyn Whitwell

    Martyn Whitwell

    Full-Stack Developer

    Having worked with several start-ups over the past decade, I really enjoy the buzz of being at the cutting edge of systems development, building and architecting solutions that can stand the test of time. It’s great to be part of the Kudos team and helping to take the growkudos.com website forwards to a wider audience. I specialise in database design, Ruby on Rails and .NET frameworks, and I am quite partial to writing fiddly SQL queries! I am a partner at Cottage Labs LLP, and also run a small consultancy. I studied Physics at Imperial College and also hold an MA in Philosophy and an MSc in Informatics.

  • Karen Aplin, Director of Physics Teaching Laboratories University of Oxford
  • Joanne Begiato, Reader in History Oxford Brookes University
  • Alison Banham, Professor of Haemato-oncology and Deputy Head of NDCLS University of Oxford
  • Ian Bannerman, Managing Director Taylor & Francis
  • Meloney Bartlett, Head of Publishing Emerald Group Publishing
  • Kevin Dolby, Evaluation Advisor Wellcome Trust
  • Toby Green, Head of Publishing OECD
  • Sally Hardy, Chief Executive Regional Studies Association
  • John Haynes, Vice President, Publishing American Institute of Physics
  • Giles Harrison, Professor of Atmospheric Physics University of Reading
  • Jane Harvell, Head of Academic Services & Special Collections University of Sussex
  • Leon Heward-Mills, Global Publishing Director Taylor & Francis
  • Richard Hewitt, Chief Financial Officer PLOS
  • Andy Miah, Director, Chair in Science Communication & Digital Media University of Salford
  • Harpal Minhas, Managing Editor Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Anne Osterrieder, Lecturer in Biology and Science Communication Oxford Brookes University
  • Mark Patterson, Executive Director eLife
  • Stephen Pinfield, Senior Lecturer University of Sheffield
  • David Prosser, Executive Director RLUK
  • Peter Shepherd, Director COUNTER
  • Graham Stone, Senior Research Fellow and Information Resources Manager University of Huddersfield
  • Anthony Watkinson, Principal Consultant CIBER Research