1. Article
    Improving Rail Vehicle Dynamic Performance with Active Suspension
  2. Article
    Impact of Flattening Filter‐Free Beam and Dose Calculation Algorithm in RapidArc Plans
  3. Article
    Benchmarking visual SLAM methods in mirror environments
  4. Article
    CBE Clima: a free and open source web-app for climate-adapted building design
  5. Article
    Wheel/rail-force–based maintenance interval extension of the C80 series wagon
  6. Article
    Optimizing cabin heater, parking heater, air-heater to use in emergency buildings
  7. Article
    The role of Human positive cofactor 4 (PC4) in hepatocellular carcinoma.
  8. Article
    Choices of medical institutions and associated factors in older patients with multimorbidity in stabilization period in China: A study based on logistic regression and decision tree model
  9. Article
    Porous Metal Implants
  10. Article
    The analgesic mechanism of Xi Shao Formula research on neuropathic pain based on metabolomics
  11. Article
    Interfacial mechanism of hydrogel with controllable thickness for stable drag reduction
  12. Article
    Liquid jet breakup in a turbulent subsonic cross flow.
  13. Article
    Enhancing Wireless Networks: Smart Technologies for Faster and More Reliable Internet Connections
  14. Article
    Roles of electrolyte additive on Zn chemistry
  15. Article
    Multi-scale and multi-chemo–physics lifecycle evaluation of structural concrete
  16. Article
    Highly insulating phase of Bi2O2Se thin lms with high electronic performance
  17. Article
    Design of a multiple space debris removal mission
  18. Article
    The different clinical picture of two siblings affected by rare neutral lipid storage disease
  19. Article
    BaTiO3@Au nanoheterostructure suppresses triple-negative breast cancer by persistently disrupting mitochondrial energy metabolism
  20. Article
    Digital twin Implementation of Autonomous Planning Arc Welding Robot System
  21. Article
    Edible insects and their potential anti-obesity effects: a review
  22. Article
    In-situ polarization of covalent organic frameworks in seawater enables enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution under visible-light irradiation
  23. Article
    Regulation mechanism of lily floral fragrance biosynthesis
  24. Article
    Anti-corrosive FeSiAl@PUA@SiO2 for efficient microwave absorption
  25. Article
    Paving the way to brain-like computing systems
  26. Article
    The influence of the capping ligands on the optoelectronic performance, morphology, and ion liberation of CsPbBr3 perovskite quantum dots
  27. Article
    Purely inorganic highly elastic and self-healing lubricating hydrogels
  28. Article
    Finding Faults in Rooftop Units using Semi-Supervised Machine Learning
  29. Article
    Oxygen vacancy self-doped TiO2 nanotube arrays for efficient methane non-oxidative coupling
  30. Article
    Studying Genetic Diversity and Toxin Levels (ODAP content) in Bangladeshi Grass Pea Varieties
  31. Article
    Surface modification and functionalization by electrical discharge coating
  32. Article
    Construction of KdV Flow: A Unified Approach
  33. Article
    Do COVID-19 Health Behaviors Work the Same for Everyone? A Look at Mental Health
  34. Article
    Skidding and spinning investigation of dry-lubricated ball bearings under axial and radial loads.
  35. Article
    A validated simulation model for radiant cooling panels integrated with phase change material
  36. Article
    Estimating the Effects on the Performance of a Recommender System due to Subsampling
  37. Article
    Bluetooth based road traffic related data collection.
  38. Article
    Turning carbon dots into selenium bearing nanoplatforms
  39. Article
    How Material Stops Working under Friction
  40. Article
    The feature of a unique potassium ion channel BK in brain microglia
  41. Article
    3Dl Curved Surface Processing Parameter Generation
  42. Article
    Flame-induced defect-rich in spinel ferrites for efficient solar water splitting
  43. Article
    Thiophosphate-based all-solid-state batteries
  44. Article
    Importance of skin biophysical properties relevant to microneedle insertion
  45. Article
    “Building stock and waste” as the new resource of “Urban mining”
  46. Article
    Manufacturing suitable metal matrix nanocomposites for successful tribology applications
  47. Article
    Full-duplex Strategy for Video Object Segmentation
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