1. Article
    Thiophosphate-based all-solid-state batteries
  2. Article
    Importance of skin biophysical properties relevant to microneedle insertion
  3. Article
    “Building stock and waste” as the new resource of “Urban mining”
  4. Article
    Manufacturing suitable metal matrix nanocomposites for successful tribology applications
  5. Article
    Full-duplex Strategy for Video Object Segmentation
  6. Article
  7. Article
    Numerical micro-texture optimization for lubricated contacts—A critical discussion
  8. Article
    Experimental and numerical investigation of TVOC concentrations and ventilation dilution in enclosed train cabin
  9. Article
    Performance simulation and optimization of new radiant floor heating based on micro heat pipe array
  10. Article
    A new crystalline phase produced in semiconductor nanowires
  11. Article
    Unprecedently low thermal conductivity of unique tellurium nanoribbons
  12. Article
    Smoke Dynamics from Multiple Fire Sources
  13. Article
    Understanding how nanoparticles affect biology
  14. Article
    A novel methodology to understand wind environment using CFD simulation and parametric tools
  15. Article
    Luminescent single-molecule magnet of metallofullerene
  16. Article
    Effect of passive measures on the energy consumption of residential buildings
  17. Article
    Super resolution for videos by extracting both spatio and temporal features.
  18. Article
    Photodeposition fabrication of heterostructured nanosheet arrays with enhanced OER performance
  19. Article
    Effects of side ratio for 'Y' plan shaped tall building under wind load
  20. Article
    Two dimensional matrix confinement makes MgO quantum dot have strong piezoelectric response
  21. Article
    Graphene, h-BN and MoS2 for energy storage applications
  22. Article
    NiCo2S4/N, S-rGO for overall water splitting in alkaline and neutral pH
  23. Article
    Bioinspired flexible high-strength hydrogel with hierarchically ordered structure
  24. Article
    Why is ice so slippery?
  25. Article
    Experimental rigs for testing tilting pad journal bearings, gears and complete gearboxes
  26. Article
    Optimization approaches and climates investigations in NZEB—A review
  27. Article
    Depth error correction for projector-camera based consumer depth cameras
  28. Article
    carbon nanotube clusters grown from threedimensional porous graphene networks for Li–S batteries
  29. Article
    Photoelectron emission (PE) discloses the transfer of electrons on scratched metal surfaces
  30. Article
    Synthesis of tailored nanoparticles - the example of a silver-zinkoxide core-shell cluster
  31. Article
    Nanomedicine for nerual modulation with the simultaneous electrophysiological detection
  32. Article
    Core-shell polydopamine@MXene for highly efficient solar-to-vapor generation
  33. Article
    Enzyme biomarker test could detect disease and infection
  34. Article
    Alcohol electrooxidation
  35. Article
    A review of how to create more biologically relevant surfaces for interfacing with cells.
  36. Article
    Fabrication of large-area and highly uniform semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotube film
  37. Article
    Breathable sensor made by nanofibers
  38. Article
    Ultrasound-sensitive nanospheres for tumor-targeted drug delivery
  39. Article
    Improve the water desalination.
  40. Article
    Peptide lamellar phases and lipid-peptide nanostructures
  41. Article
    Tuning the oxygen vacancies for hydrogen evolution activity enhancement
  42. Article
    Proposal of a realistic topological p-n junction
  43. Article
    MgTiO3/MgTi2O5/TiO2 heterogeneous for H2 production
  44. Article
    Bi2Se3/In2Se3 superlattices: growth and thermal conductivity limit
  45. Article
    Unraveling the mark of surface defects on a spinterface: The nitronyl nitroxide/TiO2(110) interface
  46. Article
    Sensitive detection of mercuric ions using carbon dots and gold nanoclusters
  47. Article
    SI/Ge nanowire can be excellent thermoelectric devices
  48. Article
    3D-MUSIC for 3D super-resolution