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    Bonobos and chimpanzees remember groupmates and friends for decades
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    Understanding how a highly flexible "disordered" protein binds its cellular binding partner
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    Immune Molecules Team Up to Fight Fungal Infections Better
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    Excessive three-stranded RNA-DNA structures (called R-loops) can cause inflammatory bowel disease
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    The Shape of Nature’s Stingers Revealed
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    New virus that kills male moths
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    Mobility as climate change adaptation in atolls
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    Characterizing pathways of seafood access in small island developing states
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    Light reflected from trees can be used to early detect and differentiate drought from oak wilt.
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    A retrovirus is currently colonizing the genome of a rodent in New Guinea
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    Social feedback biases emerge during recall and shift across the development of social anxiety
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    Identification of crucial genes regulating urogenital development downstream of androgen signaling
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    Model-free characterization of topological states in mechanical structures.
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    The astonishing temperature sensing capability of pit vipers
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    Molecular painting of the ovary and ovulation under new light
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    Proper folding of DNA in the nucleus of a fungal model organism
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    SonoTransformers: the first instance of acoustic transformable micromachines
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    Sparse interactions play a crucial role in microbial dynamics.
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    Slow closure of Earth’s carbon cycle
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    Computational models of sequence evolution produce variant proteins that function inside the cell
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    Sediment grain shape effects on industrial and geophysical flows
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    Shearwaters change their migrations in response to climate change
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    GABA sensitivity and loss of activity during delta-type glutamate receptor evolution
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    Fusing machine learning with human learning to predict how drugs work
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    Antibodies can use different weapons to tackle SARS-CoV-2
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    The physics of complex diseases
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    Ni’s robust effect on the formation and structure of Earth's inner core
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    Regulation of Insulin Signaling
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    Self-Assembled Gels Mimic Cell Wrinkling
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    Predicting acoustics in dynamic virtual scenes using scientific machine learning
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    Why do the Himalayan mountains exhibit a curved shape?
  32. Article
    When she can see colors he can’t
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    Responding to rising air quality alerts under climate change
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    When a pulse goes out on a transmission line, when do the photons arrive?
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    Persister cells of E. coli can lead to antibiotic treatment failure in patients
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    What predicts babies' everyday speaking?