1. Article
    Battery Efficiency Measurement Using Isothermal Calorimeter
  2. Article
    Making Use of Biomass
  3. Article
    The influence of augmentation on biogas yield
  4. Article
    Environment friendly ways to remove pollutants from water bodies
  5. Article
    Blue-green roofs can help with stormwater management
  6. Article
    Economic and health benefits of investing in sanitation
  7. Article
    Storing renewable thermal energy with nanofibers and phase change materials
  8. Article
    How does the conversion efficiency of solar cells depend on the wavelength of light ?
  9. Article
    Membrane fuel cells for alternative green energy solutions
  10. Article
    Physiotherapy after Breast Cancer treatment
  11. Article
    The Challenges of Assessing Government Economic Restrictions to Control the COVID-19 Pandemic
  12. Article
    The different ways carbon nanotubes can be used with fiber reinforcements
  13. Article
    Helping data centers become carbon neutral with novel microchannel heat sinks
  14. Article
    Green Pedagogy: Confrontation and Provocation to Promote Sustainability Skills
  15. Article
    The Use of a Novel TQM Model in a Private Healthcare Company
  16. Article
    School Conflicts: Causes and Management Strategies
  17. Article
    Realities on Global warming and Climate change
  18. Article
    Undernutrition during Pregnancy
  19. Article
    A Narrative Review of the Measles Outbreak in North America and Globally
  20. Article
    A Book Chapter on IntechOpen
  21. Article
    Treatment of Agro-Food Wastewaters and Valuable Compounds Recovery by Column Sorption Runs
  22. Article
    Tocotrienol: an isomer of Vitamin E in health and diseases.
  23. Article
    Investigation of Laser Pulse‐induced Calculus Damage Mechanism by a High‐speed Camera
  24. Article
    Obesity, insulin resistance and cancer are associated with defective estrogen signaling.
  25. Article
    Multiple sclerosis
  26. Article
    An ABS Recycled Coating for Corrosion Protection and Conservation of Copper.
  27. Article
    Efficient smart grids with solid-state transformers
  28. Article
    Implementing special needs at different unversity institutional levels
  29. Article
    Mitochondria and Alzheimer’s Disease
  30. Article
    When statin alone or in combination with ezetimibe are not еnough.
  31. Article
    This is a review article about ibopamine - a new alpha-adrenergic and D1-dopaminergic drug.
  32. Article
    The Paradigm of Complex Probability and Quantum Mechanics: The Infinite Potential Well Problem - The Position Wave Function
  33. Article
    The Paradigm of Complex Probability and Quantum Mechanics: The Infinite Potential Well Problem - The Momentum Wavefunction and the Wavefunction Entropies
  34. Article
    Analytic Prognostic in the Linear Damage Case Applied to Buried Petrochemical Pipelines and the CPP
  35. Article
    The Monte Carlo Methods - Recent Advances, New Perspectives and Applications
  36. Article
    Forecasting in Mathematics - Recent Advances, New Perspectives and Applications
  37. Article
    The Monte Carlo Techniques and The Complex Probability Paradigm
  38. Article
    The Paradigm of Complex Probability and Thomas Bayes’ Theorem
  39. Article
    The Paradigm of Complex Probability and Isaac Newton’s Classical Mechanics
  40. Article
    Serotonin, Sleep and Depression: A Hypothesis
  41. Article
    Introductory Chapter: Demographic Analysis
  42. Article
    Demographic Analysis - Selected Concepts, Tools, and Applications
  43. Article
    Lessons from Baghdad City Conformation and Essence
  44. Article
    DEMs in geomorphology, morphometric landform classifications, properties, indices and tools in GIS
  45. Article
    Open and Distance Learning for Teachers' Professional Development in the Global South
  46. Article
    A Brief Look at Multi-Criteria Problems: Multi-Threshold Optimization versus Pareto-Optimization
  47. Article
    Laboratory Approach to Anemia
  48. Article
    Brazilian Entrepreneurship Reality: A Trilogy of Imitation, Invention and Innovation