Frontiers Research Showcase

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  1. Article
    How oxidation and ignition of magnesium alloys are related during cooling.
  2. Article
    Using graphene to make material joints stronger.
  3. Article
    Mental health in times of COVID-19
  4. Article
    Novel Connections between the Thyroid and the Heart uncovered in a Large Meta-Analysis
  5. Article
    Suite of Google Earth tools allow scientists track how land use is impacting our planet
  6. Article
    Evaluating Pre-post Change: Change in the Distribution Center vs. in the Individual Scores
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    Structure of the Intermediate Phase Glasses GeSe3 and GeSe4: The Deployment of Neutron Diffraction With Isotope Substitution
  8. Article
    Discrete bubble flow in granular porous media via multiphase computational fluid dynamic simulation
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    Doubt makes people follow social norms.
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    Technological innovation moderates the impact of energy poverty on carbon intensity.
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    Drinking water contains bacteria that are resistant to common antibiotics
  12. Article
    How heat waves are destroying grapes
  13. Article
    Minicircle Biopharmaceuticals–An Overview of Purification Strategies
  14. Article
    Self perceived Stigma add to poor adherence among individuals with TB
  15. Article
    How Big Data is helping parasite research
  16. Article
    Evaluating the Fabrication of Ag/AgCl Electrodes for Human Sensing
  17. Article
    Canine-Assisted Interventions and the Relevance of Welfare Assessments for Human Health,
  18. Article
    Only some migrants have lower health literacy
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    Are you using plastics in your garden? You could be causing microplastic pollution
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    How 'water hyacinths' float about quietly and trap plastics
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    Energy Psychology Has Helped People Cope with Disasters in More Than 30 Countries
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    The applied use of in vivo electrophysiology in preclinical neurotoxicology
  23. Article
    Sequential Nadroparin and Rivaroxaban in Treatment of Pulmonary Embolism
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    Citizen weather stations can be a major boon to health monitoring and urban planning
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    Role of Anions in the Synthesis and Crystal Growth of Selected Semiconductors
  26. Article
    Premature mortality following childhood-onset brain impairments
  27. Article
    The acute anesthesia-derived decays of the sense of smell in spine surgery.
  28. Article
    Recovery from disability after spine surgery: the prediction potential of hemoglobin.
  29. Article
    Nickel-iron battolysers: A key to greening our energy systems
  30. Article
    Enterococcal probiotic strain express SARS-Cov-2 antigen
  31. Article
    How cognitive capacities for developing social adjustment can be affected after experiencing trauma?
  32. Article
    Vitamin C may improve the mechanical efficiency of the heart
  33. Article
    Gender differences in intellectual self-image: Why do men think they're brighter?
  34. Article
    Are there any drawbacks to having high levels of emotional intelligence?
  35. Article
    What can we do to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? One option – get the ocean to soak it up.
  36. Article
    Quantile treatment effect of zinc lozenges on common cold duration: a novel approach
  37. Article
    Finger-counting and numerical structure
  38. Article
    Total Wake
  39. Article
    Waste plastic packaging may be useful as a new source of construction materials
  40. Article
    Is capitalism making climate change better or worse?
  41. Article
    Why forests are important to our physical and mental health
  42. Article
    Do Old Age and Comorbidity via Non-Communicable Diseases Matter for COVID-19 Mortality
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    Classroom noise levels correlate to math achievement
  44. Article
    Is There a Connection Between Gut Microbiome Dysbiosis in COVID-19 and Post-COVID-19 Symptoms?
  45. Article
    Psychedelics, Sociality, and Human Evolution
  46. Article
    Teachers’ emotional intelligence and conflict management
  47. Article
    How Does the Efficiency of Value Realization on a Platform Influence Sustainability Transition
  48. Article
    The Limits of Language-Thought Influences Can Be Set by the Constraints of Embodiment