1. Article
    Effect of neonatal melatonin administration on behavioral and brain electrophysiological and redox imbalance in rats
  2. Article
    Biofuels from Biomass: A Renewable and Less Polluting Alternative to Fossil Fuels
  3. Article
    Converting Microalgae Chlorella sp. Biomass into Fuels and Chemicals
  4. Article
    Slow Pyrolysis of Wet Oily Petrochemical Sludge: Thermo-kinetics and ANN Modeling
  5. Article
    Albumin binds streptolysin O (produced by S. pyogenes)
  6. Article
    Using real-time eardrum (otoendoscopy) images to support decision-making
  7. Article
    Navigating Information Overload: Strategies and Insights
  8. Article
    Taking the Unreal Seriously in Research on Thinking and AI
  9. Article
    Adults' willingness to accept COVID-19 vaccine.
  10. Article
    Adaptive Molecular Responses of Halobacterium salinarum in Hypersaline Brine Inclusions
  11. Article
    Natural products offer safer ways to fight obesity
  12. Article
    The Impact of ChatGPT on Higher Education
  13. Article
    Mental Health Support for Ukrainian War Refugees: Meaning-Centered Psychotherapy Approach
  14. Article
    Reported adverse events during out-of-hospital mechanical ventilation in EMS
  15. Article
    Land utilization types on groundwater: a case study of Huocheng plain, Xinjiang, China
  16. Article
    Woman, older patients and those with comorbidities were less likely to be admitted to ICU
  17. Article
    Civil society partnerships between WASH and GESI organisations in Timor-Leste
  18. Article
    dream interpretation
  19. Article
    intersubjective “tug of war” in intimate relationships
  20. Article
    Self perceived Stigma add to poor adherence among individuals with Tuberculosis
  21. Article
    Change in cancer gene therapy: tumors need medical stimulation for their own DNA repairing processes
  22. Article
    Ways to reduce harassment faced by CA public health leaders in their roles responding to COVID-19
  23. Article
    Potential toxic levels of cyanide and heavy metals in cassava flour sold in selected markets
  24. Article
    You can perform tensor analysis without knowing about tensor
  25. Article
    "Functional traits and Plant Invasions in the Orinoco Region"
  26. Article
    Spatial mapping of people's perception of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  27. Article
    Anti-cancer properties of boswellic acids: mechanism of action as anti-cancerous agent
  28. Article
    Ruling in turbulent times: government crises in Italy and Israel during the COVID-19 pandemic
  29. Article
    Tropical Cities Review
  30. Article
    Editorial: Biosynthesis, purification, characterization and uses of natural compounds in plants
  31. Article
    Topological Ordering and Viscosity in the Glass-Forming Ge–Se System
  32. Article
    Structure of the Intermediate Phase Glasses GeSe3 and GeSe4: The Deployment of Neutron Diffraction With Isotope Substitution
  33. Article
    Self-collection of hrHPV samples provide life-saving cervical cancer screening in rural Nicaragua.
  34. Article
    Interactive methods in remote breastfeeding support for lactation consulting professionals
  35. Article
    Robustification of Linear Regression and Its Application in Genome-Wide Association Studies
  36. Article
    Transcriptomic profiling reveals candidate allelopathic genes in rice responsible for interactions with barnyardgrass
  37. Article
    Policy responses to obesity in The Bahamas
  38. Article
    Economic impacts of the pandemic on ethnic minorities in Manchester, England: a review
  39. Article
    Relating Global and Local Connectome Changes to Dementia and Targeted Gene Expression in Alzheimer's Disease
  40. Article
    Automated drone surveys for monitoring wildlife populations
  41. Article
    Plasma-treated PVDF scaffolds for heart tissue engineering: cyto- and bio-compatibility
  42. Article
    Meaning in life becomes a more important question as we progress in personal growth
  43. Article
    Optimization of the adsorption of lead (II) by hydroxyapatite using a factorial design
  44. Article
    Alcohol withdrawal symptoms in two mouse strains
  45. Article
    Isometric Strength Increase with Unilateral Knee Extension: Meta-Analysis
  46. Article
    A multicomponent medicinal product that could improve osteoarthritis.
  47. Article
    Leaf waxes to understand past environmental changes in a high-mountain lake area in western Iberia
  48. Article
    Box fermentation and solar drying improves chocolate quality