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    Archive, Architecture & Politics of Memory
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    Cost of Expulsion, Dissent and Human Rights in Russia
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    The Market for Dead Sea Scrolls in the Twenty-First Century
  4. Article
    Church life live!
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    A “Queer” Mother of Nations: Reproductive Futurism and the Maccabean Mother of Seven
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    Strategic Triangles, Actors and Agency: Georgia and Abkhazia in a Changing Regional Context
  7. Article
    Repatriation of American Prisoners of War and Interned Civilians Liberated by the Red Army in 1945
  8. Article
    Juxtapositions and Inventions: Sergei Parajanov, Ispoved’, and Armenian Identity
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    Contesting the Dynamics of Secular Development: An Ontology of Trinitarian Well-Being as Christian Rationale for Human Well-Being
  10. Article
    History of popular activity by Orthodox Christians in the Soviet Union
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    Police repression and trauma in light of the revolutions in Kyrgyzstan
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    Ästhetik industrieller Infrastruktur — Aesthetics of Industrial Infrastructure
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    UK media coverage of the causes and course of the war in Ukriane
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    The divine logic of Anselm of Canterbury
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    Innocents Abroad? The Consumption of Antiquities from the Holy Land
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    Revelations from Ukraine's Maidan Massacre Trial and Investigation & Ukraine-Russia War Origins
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    On the human capacity for self-transcendence, using political self-sacrifice as an example.
  18. Article
    Religious and ecological beliefs and practices of the rural population of Siberia
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    Forensik und Fiktion. Zur Geschichte von Indizien zwischen Wahr-Werden und Wahrscheinlich-Sein
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    Examining hate propaganda in Belarus
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    Influence of Western Esotericism on contemporary Black Islam
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    Smart Speakers in Practice
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    Jewish settlement in Debrecen (Hungary) 1790-1870
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    Role of NATO’s expansion in the Ukraine crisis
  25. Article
    Anti-Soviet resistance movements across Eastern Europe between 1945 and 1956
  26. Article
    Understanding the Russian invasion of Ukraine better with conflict escalation
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    The risk of hydro-hegemony in the South Caucasus: Turkey’s role in the Kura-Araks river basin
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    Kalmyk Identity in Historical Perspective
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    I often came across rivers that house gods
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    An Empire in Aspic: Popularizing National Cuisines in Late Soviet Russia
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    Hybridization in religions
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    A book review of Dmitar Tasić’s new book Paramilitarism in the Balkans.
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    Psychoanalytical Attempt at an Atheistic Mysticism
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    The change in Russian regional elites over time, from the end of the Soviet Union to today.
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    Justification of the Crimean Annexation by Russia: Legitimizing Arguments by President Putin
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    Jews have been in Britain since the Roman times. Erasing their presence plays into white supremacy.
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    What Contributed to the Collapse of the Ukrainian State in Luhansk and Donetsk ?
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    Russia’s political transition and the impact on its relationship with the West
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    Finnish immigrants in the Gulag
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    Trauma and Consolation - Strategies and Perspectives for Coping with the Fall of Jerusalem
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    Pussy Riot in the U.S.
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    Gendering Revealed Knowledge? Prophecy, Positionality, and Perspective across Sibylline and Enochic Discourses
  44. Article
    The Jewish Coins at Dura-Europos
  45. Article
    Does Flavius Josephus talk about human "spirit" in a philosophical manner?
  46. Article
    Syllogistic arguments in the Anonymous Commentary on Plato’s "Theaetetus"
  47. Article
    How the Bolshoi Theater survived WWII
  48. Article
    Relations between Hungary and Brazil in the Cold War era