1. Article
    Longitudinal Evaluation of Donor-Derived Cell free DNA in Pediatric Kidney Transplantation.
  2. Article
    How I Treat Steroid-Sensitive Nephrotic Syndrome in Children
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    Uromodulin is a biomarker of kidney fibrosis
  4. Article
    What causes nephrotic syndrome due to primary membranous nephropathy?
  5. Article
    Blood bacteria differences between patients with chronic kidney disease and healthy controls
  6. Article
    Using a Multi-Institutional Pediatric Learning Health System to Identify Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Lupus Nephritis
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    Comprehensive Acute Kidney Injury Rehab May Improve Post-Discharge Outcomes
  8. Article
    Accessing global kidney nutrition care
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    Cannabinoids for Symptom Management in Patients with Kidney Failure
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    New treatment for kidney injury caused by cisplatin, a widely used anti-cancer drug
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    Dietary potassium intake and the risk of death for adults receiving hemodialysis.
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    Smartphone Photos to Evaluate Adequacy of Kidney Biopsies
  13. Article
    Novel technique in vivo to visualize kidney ATP
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    Acquired Decline in Ultrafiltration in Peritoneal Dialysis: The Role of Glucose
  15. Article
    Over four decades of life with dialysis: a Tale of Self-Empowerment
  16. Article
    Gene expression in kidney transplants with drug-related injury
  17. Article
    Comparison of Medication Use and Urinary Drug Metabolites
  18. Article
    Bacterial infections and it's impact on kidneys
  19. Article
    Renal Denervation for the Treatment of Elevated Blood Pressure
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    The negative effect of maternal malnutrition in pregnancy on kidney developmeny is prevntable
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    Which is better, a calcimimetic agent or a VDRA, for the treatment of SHPT in dialysis patients?
  22. Article
    Use of anti-plasma cell antibody therapy in treatment of glomerular disease
  23. Article
    The role of arterial stiffness in cardiorenal syndrome type 4
  24. Article
    The Mechanism of Kidney Disease Due to APOL1 Risk Variants
  25. Article
    Acute Kidney Injury: The need to increase awareness, recognition and prompt management
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    Genes and new drugs for kidney disease
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    A food supplement can treat ADCK4-related kidney disease
  29. Article
    IV iron in patients with CKD reduces Cardiac complications and doesn’t increase infections.
  30. Article
    Exocyst genes are required for kidney cell function
  31. Article
    Dual therapy for cystinosis
  32. Article
    Confounding factors of hazards of long-acting ESA
  33. Article
    Grassroots nephrologist organizing at the state level
  34. Article
    A Survey of Environmental Sustainability Practices in Dialysis Facilities in Australia and New Zealand
  35. Article
    Continuous Glucose Monitoring to Optimize Management of Diabetes in Patients with Advanced CKD
  36. Article
    Calcium-based phosphate binders and plasma oxalate concentration in patients with dialysis
  37. Article
    Endopeptidase Cleavage of Anti-Glomerular Basement Membrane Antibodies in vivo in Severe Kidney Disease: An Open-Label Phase 2a Study
  38. Article
    The reasons for losing nephrons and for progression of chonic kidney disease
  39. Article
    Basic concepts of Mendelian randomization investigation with examples in nephrology
  40. Article
    Low health literacy affects the development of kidney disease.
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    Tenapanor and phosphate binder together for hyperphosphatemia
  42. Article
    Multiplex Serum Biomarker Assays Improve Prediction of Renal and Mortality Outcomes in Chronic Kidney Disease
  43. Article
    Steroid therapy in ANCA Vasculitis - Looking at the toxic side effects using a scoring system
  44. Article
    The Urine Anion Gap: Common Misconceptions
  45. Article
    optimal phosphate in dialysis patients
  46. Article
    Proactive high-dose IV iron is preferred therapy in ESKD patients: PRO
  47. Article
    Klotho in Clinical Nephrology: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Implications
  48. Article
    Early career trainee perspective on choosing Nephrology as a career