1. Article
    A paramedic's experiences as a cancer patient, what can be learnt.
  2. Article
    Differences between expert and lay risk judgements about adventure sports
  3. Article
    Undernutrition during Pregnancy
  4. Article
    Diet and nutritional supplements for long COVID
  5. Article
    E-Learning rises dramatically in universities during the pandemic - some issues
  6. Article
    Growing black soldier fly on waste from farming crickets and grasshoppers
  7. Article
    Improving Public Finance Initiative (PFI) private public partnerships
  8. Article
    Designing Dementia Enabling Care Home Layouts
  9. Article
    Assaulted and Unheard: Violence against Ontario healthcare staff
  10. Article
    Employment in the informal economy: implications of the COVID-19 pandemic
  11. Article
    How parasites of fish use host odours to find a host.
  12. Article
    How political advertising on social media bypasses public debate
  13. Article
    The Cost of the School Day for Families Living in In-work and Out-of-work Poverty
  14. Article
    African States: Themes Emerging from the Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic Review
  15. Article
    Arthur Dulay and John Grierson: Fitting Drifters (1929)
  16. Article
    Buzz pollination: Studying bee vibrations on flowers
  17. Article
    James Kelman and voice, reconsidered
  18. Article
    Social connectedness, poverty and child wellbeing
  19. Article
    Pesticides and bees: Ecological-economic modelling of bee populations on farmland
  20. Article
    A case study of contested takeovers of family firms and socioemotional wealth.
  21. Article
    Employer demands from business graduates
  22. Article
    Athlete confidence when performance depends on others
  23. Article
    Drama as Science Documentary: The Ethics of Making and ‘Banning’ The Black Pool
  24. Article
    Washout solutions for Urinary catheters
  25. Article
    Using two case studies to explore the complexity of choice in adult safeguarding practice.
  26. Article
    Alternative possibilities to the building of council housing in early twentieth century Scotland.
  27. Article
    Exploring the barriers to gaining convictions for ill-treatment and wilful neglect in Scotland
  28. Article
    Mathematical models of tick borne diseases
  29. Article
    coping styles in farmed fish
  30. Article
    Transcranial magnetic stimulation for schizophrenia - a Cochrane review
  31. Article
    Research into factors influencing the return to work of unemployed people over-50
  32. Article
    Study protocol forthe SHARPS feasibility and acceptability study
  33. Article
    Relationships and communication about substance use
  34. Article
    Using shared activities to talk to young people about substance use
  35. Article
    What factors affect disease transmission?
  36. Article
    When do people judge they know or can justifiably belief the outcome of a lottery
  37. Article
    Civil Resistance in the Portuguese Revolution, 1975
  38. Article
    Living on the Level
  39. Article
    A critical discussion of themes in Annalisa Coliva’s book, Extended Rationality.
  40. Article
    Legacy of replicas for object cultural biographies
  41. Article
    Relations between the self and others
  42. Article
    Debridement for surgical wounds
  43. Article
    Emotions in fish
  44. Article
    Sensitivity of seven PCRs for early detection of koi herpesvirus in experimentally infected carp,Cyprinus carpioL., by lethal and non-lethal sampling methods
  45. Article
    Biomineral shell formation under ocean acidification: a shift from order to chaos