1. Article
    Exploring the Interface between Asylum, Trafficking and Hostile Environment in the UK
  2. Article
    Home-based VR Rehab for Pediatric ULMI: A Feasibility Study
  3. Article
    The Impact of British Sporting Achievements on National Pride
  4. Article
    Social media and compulsive buying: Comparing LGBT+ and heterosexual consumers
  5. Article
    Understanding Community Protection Notices for Anti-Social Behaviour Regulation
  6. Article
    Designing Enrichment Opportunities for Children and Youth in Team Games and Individual Sports
  7. Article
    Embedding Exercise Training in Prostate Cancer Care: A Feasibility and Acceptability Study
  8. Article
    Remote Parole Hearings: Efficiency vs. Justice
  9. Article
    Whole Systems Approach for Physical Activity in Mental Health Recovery
  10. Article
    Acceptability and Feasibility of Whole School Approach to Physical Activity in UK Primary Schools.
  11. Article
    Developing and evaluating culturally sensitive and compassionate care model for midwives
  12. Article
    Racialised Experiences of Black and Brown Nurses in UK Education
  13. Article
    The Impact of COVID-19 on UK's Leisure and Sport Industry During Lockdown
  14. Article
    Energy Poverty and Children: A EU Policy Analysis
  15. Article
    Composites made from clays and biopolymers to remove lead from water achieve positive results
  16. Article
    Brothers Who Kill: Murders of Sisters for the Sake of Family Honour in Pakistan
  17. Article
    The Divergent Nature of Language Performance and Social Use of Language: An Online Scale for the Assessment of Language in Adults Using Self-reported Skills (ALASS)
  18. Article
    A patient's right to refuse emergency medical treatment
  19. Article
    Using information technology to make it easier to find legal information
  20. Article
    Erosion-Corrosion of Tantalum in Different pH Solutions
  21. Article
    Raman Spectroscopy for Measuring Respirable Crystalline Silica in Stone Dust
  22. Article
    Energy Efficiency Analysis of Continuous Flow Ohmic Heater with Advanced Controls
  23. Article
    Effectiveness of the perioperative encounter in promoting regular exercise and physical activity: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  24. Article
    Long-Term Health Complications of COVID-19: Cardio-Respiratory and Metabolic Effects
  25. Article
    Crafting a sport coach's job role during organizational change
  26. Article
    Strong oblique shock waves in granular free-surface flows
  27. Article
    Care leavers transition into work
  28. Article
    Exploring forms of class-consciousness and resistance to stigmatising narratives.
  29. Article
    Discussion of how an ant species might develop into a fungus farmer.
  30. Article
    Coping with occupational stress: the role of optimism and coping flexibility
  31. Article
    Dialogue and dialogism: some critical reflections from an integrationist standpoint
  32. Article
    People find objects that react when handled very atractive
  33. Article
    Barriers and motivators towards participation in physical activity in middle-aged and older adults.
  34. Article
    A randomised field experiment to test the restorative properties of purpose-built biophilic “regeneration pods”
  35. Article
    Patients’ perspective of effectiveness & acceptability of treatments of fibromyalgia
  36. Article
    Eight Essentials of Performance Measurement
  37. Article
    Moving hands in classroom assemblages: puppet play in a post-world
  38. Article
    Effects on reputational and operational damage containment
  39. Article
    Social prescribing for patients of secondary mental health services: emotional, psychological and social well-being outcomes
  40. Article
    Defining performance measurement
  41. Article
    Entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance
  42. Article
    How people refer to 'thinking' during conversation
  43. Article
    Pharmacology and clinical applications of flupirtine: Current and future options
  44. Article
    Measuring and improving the performance of healthcare services with the Public Sector Scorecard
  45. Article
    Resolving the problem of Research Data Management
  46. Article
    Acoustic Comfort in Open Plan Offices
  47. Article
    Predictive analytics in facilities management
  48. Article
    "Salutogenic" workplace design