Seedling Tolerance of Three Eucalyptus Species to a Short-term Flooding Event: Tolerance and Physiological Response

E. Farifr, S. Aboglila
  • British Journal of Applied Science & Technology, January 2015, Sciencedomain International
  • DOI: 10.9734/bjast/2015/13756

Seedling Tolerance of Three Eucalyptus Species to a Short-term Flooding

What is it about?

Research was conducted at Curtin University (Western Australia) to assess the seedling tolerance of three species Eucalyptus, gomphocephala DC (Myrtaceae) (common name ‘Tuart’), Eucalyptus marginata Sm.

Why is it important?

This study investigates the impact of waterlogging response on seedling growth and physiological characteristics in three tree species; namely, Corymbia calophylla, Eucalyptus marginata and Eucalyptus gomphocephala. As discussed, physiological characteristics are greatly influenced by environmental condition in which plant is grown, also this study aimed to compare waterlogging tolerance of these three seedling tree species under the same nursery condition.


Professor Salem Aboglila
University of Tripoli

The research has been established that the waterlogging issue in ecosystem will ultimately has a harmful effect on physiological functions of seedling, on the other hand this effect was diverse among the species, appropriate to the information that the study demonstrated the highest tolerance level of flood was of C. calophylla compared to the tolerance level of E. marginata but not as low as E. gomphocephala. Novel consequences are obtainable within this manuscript and a great deal models can be proposed for simulation by this method. The conclusions of paper prove complication of this form of simulated models on open felid, but gives a novel approaches for such application. An additional focus on further environments conditions and flora could recognize the resolution for other environmental troubles.

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