¿Quién debe fijar las prioridades de las universidades y quién debe ejecutarlas? Una mirada al sistema de acreditación en Chile

Juan Pablo Beca Frei
  • Cultura - Hombre - Sociedad CUHSO, July 2012, Universidad Catolica de Temuco
  • DOI: 10.7770/cuhso-v12n2-art247

What is it about?

This paper deals with the models of universities, models that define the ways that Upper Education Institutions organize themselves, asking who should establish standards for Universities. The conclusion is that there should be some state intervention in that definition, leaving ample space for the universities in order to fulfill their mission. Then the paper analyses, critically, the Chilean accreditation system, established by law N°20.129, and finally reflects on the participation level that should exist inside the universities.

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