Cuantificación de la sustentabilidad productiva de un predio lechero en la Zona Central de Chile: una simulación con EPIC

A. Magri, G. Donoso, F. Bas
  • December 1996, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
  • DOI: 10.7764/rcia.v23i2-3.867

Estimation of the productive sustainability of a dairy farm located in central Chile

What is it about?

This investigation uses EPIC (Erosion Productivity Impact Calculator) to estimate long term decline (due to erosion) in the yields of maize, alfalfa and ryegrass used as forage in a dairy farm located in central Chile. The evaluation model proposed is thought to be a useful tool in the quantification of the degradation of natural resources and it is hoped that simulators such as EPIC will soon be widely used in Chile in determining

Why is it important?

At present, sustainability is an important issue in scientific discussion and research. However, little progress has been made on how to quantify the most important aspects which affect the long term sustainabity of a productive system.

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