Additive global cerebral blood flow normalization in arterial spin labeling perfusion imaging

Stephanie B. Stewart, Jonathan M. Koller, Meghan C. Campbell, Joel S. Perlmutter, Kevin J. Black
  • PeerJ, March 2015, PeerJ
  • DOI: 10.7717/peerj.834

Whole-brain blood flow correction in ASL

What is it about?

I think this paper is important if you care about blood flow imaging using arterial spin labeling. Otherwise it is a technical note that you will probably want to ignore.

Why is it important?

The more important message of the paper is that whole-brain blood flow is a physical quantity that deserves respect. This may have been more obvious to us coming from PET world than to our colleagues coming from BOLD world.


Dr Kevin J. Black
Washington University in St. Louis

On the one hand, this is a clever improvement to analysis of an existing technique. On the other hand, it is an admission that I got it wrong the first time I did it because I assumed that (blood flow image made by PET) = (blood flow image made by MRI).

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