Figure 3—figure supplement 1. Inducible Yap knockdown at post-embryonic stages reduces EdU incorporation in the CMZ.

  • (A) EdU incorporation assay (3-hr pulse) analyzed on retinal sections from stage 41 tadpoles following two-cell stage microinjection of Yap-5-mismatch-MO (control), Yap-MO and/or Yap-S-photo-MO, as indicated in the table. (B) Quantification of EdU-positive cells within the CMZ. Conditional Yap knockdown by light exposure from stage 37/38 onwards is sufficient to reduce EdU incorporation. The total number of analyzed retinas per condition is indicated in each bar. Scale bar = 40 µm.
  • eLife
  • DOI: 10.7554/elife.08488.010

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