Geopressure Compartmentalization in Salt Basins: Their Assessment for Hydrocarbon Entrapments in the Gulf of Mexico

  • Selim S. Shaker
  • January 2004, The GCSSEPM Foundation
  • DOI: 10.5724/gcs.04.24.0421

What is it about?

Salt basins especially in deep water is very successful targets for oil and gas exploration. Understanding the impact of salt intrusions and interlayering with the host sediments is very crucial for the risk assessments of a wildcat.

Why is it important?

Compartmentalization created by the salt sediments interaction is a great catalyst for hydrocarbon entrapment.


Dr Selim Simon Shaker

Not all salt prospects are created equally. Therefore my simple SIX Geopressure models shed light on the prediction of drilling challenges and possible success or failure to find hydrocarbon.

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