Social Capital or Waste of Time ? Social Networks, Social Capital and ‘Unconventional Alliances’ among Danish Rural Entrepreneurs

  • Gunnar Lind Haase Svendsen, Tove Brink
  • Business and Management Research, January 2013, Sciedu Press
  • DOI: 10.5430/bmr.v2n1p55

Social networks offer 'unconventional alliances' for development of social capital

What is it about?

The costs in social networking can be high, because much time can be wasted on activities, which does not provide value. However, social networks can offer opportunities through acces to the development of unconventional alliances for growth of social capital.

Why is it important?

Social networking per se does not lead to economic gains. Entrepreneurs with a 'feel for the game' has the ability to effectuate their networks. Innovative cooperation between entrepreneurs and partners unlike each other and with complementary skills and roles, termed 'unconventional alliances' can improve social capital and economic gains.


Associated Professor Tove Brink
Syddansk Universitet

A more fine-grained insight and understanding of social capital is offered to the entrepreneurial field through the findings in this research. It means that the issue of 'unconventional alliances' is added to the development of social capital and economic gains in society

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