Evaluating the Prince's Trust's Young People's Business Start-up Programme, 1994–1999

  • Reflections and Policy Implications
  • Stratis Koutsoukos, John Shutt, John Sutherland
  • Industry and Higher Education, February 2005, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.5367/0000000053123628

Small business start-ups for young people and the work of the Prince'sTrust

What is it about?

A national and regional evaluation lookng at the use of European matched funding for the period 1994-1999. \looks at the Trust achievements on a regional basis.

Why is it important?

Periodic evaluation of charity and European funding for SME start-ups. Potential of Youth programme to generate new businesses.


Professor JOHN SHUTT
Northumbria University

Historical evaluation of a programme and case studies of achievements and difficulties at a time of high youth unemployment and esrly plans to promote self-employment opportunities.

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