Lead (Pb2+) neurotoxicity: Ion-mimicry with calcium (Ca2+) impairs synaptic transmission. A review with animated illustrations of the pre- and post-synaptic effects of lead

Ana-Maria Florea, Jasmin Taban, Elizabeth Varghese, Blane T. Alost, Stacy Moreno, Dietrich Büsselberg
  • Journal of Local and Global Health Science, March 2013, QScience
  • DOI: 10.5339/jlghs.2013.4

What is it about?

This review explains the mechanisms by which lead (Pb2+) interferes with the nervous system. Pre- and post-synaptic actions of lead are explained in animated illustrations!

Why is it important?

Understanding the mechanisms of lead neurotoxicity at the synapse will help to understand how it interferes with higher cognitive functions as learning and memory.

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