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  • Cherry-Ann Smart
  • The Charleston Co.
  • DOI: 10.5260/cca.199374

What is it about?

This article examines the vagaries of one e-resource provided by a well-known aggregator. It objectively looks at areas such the operability, indexing, and content to enable purchasing institutions to sagacious decision making.

Why is it important?

Databases are expensive working tools for universities and research institutions. Often these institutions simply buy into what these aggregators sell without objectively reviewing specific products. This article attempts to provide clarity to empower purchasers to negotiate licence purchases more effectively and suggests the questions that should be asked to improve decision making.


Cherry-Ann Smart
University of the West Indies

While I was familiar with database purchases, researching points for this article allowed me to learn more about the challenges in their operability to consumers and the dangers when aggregators over sell their product. I was also exposed to the dynamics of the market and the obscurity of prices which made it overly difficult for acquisition librarians to make possibly wiser choices.

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