Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership Redesign: Utilizing a Multicriteria Framework

Miriam D. Ezzani, Noelle A. Paufler
  • Impacting Education Journal on Transforming Professional Practice, June 2018, University Library System, University of Pittsburgh
  • DOI: 10.5195/ie.2018.70

A Re-Design of a Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership

What is it about?

This article provides the impetus for innovative change in an educational leadership (EDLE) program at a large, research-intensive university, based on a multicriteria framework and evidentiary data demonstrating preliminary successes—despite logistical challenges and ideological differences among faculty.

Why is it important?

The re-design of this educational leadership program was necessary to develop leaders who can have a profound influence in shaping a culture of organizational learning; ethical community engagement; advocacy for diversity, equity and inclusion; and theory to practice solutions.


Dr. Miriam D. Ezzani (Author)
Texas Christian University

The article’s contributions are intended to inform the planning, implementation, and evaluation of a doctoral program redesign and its impact on students by leveraging a number of critical resources.

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