Hygroscopic behavior of multicomponent organic aerosols and their internal mixtures with ammonium sulfate

Bo Jing, Shengrui Tong, Qifan Liu, Kun Li, Weigang Wang, Yunhong Zhang, Maofa Ge
  • Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, March 2016, Copernicus GmbH
  • DOI: 10.5194/acp-16-4101-2016

Hygroscopic behavior of multicomponent organic aerosols

What is it about?

Water-soluble organic compounds (WSOCs) play an important role in the hygroscopicity of aerosols. The coexisting hygroscopic species such as levoglucosan, malonic acid, and phthalic acid have a strong influence on hygroscopic growth and phase behavior of oxalic acid, even suppressing its crystallization completely. The hygroscopic species such as levoglucosan in the mixed particles may significantly influence the hygroscopic behavior of ammonium sulfate by changing phase state of oxalic acid.

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