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Determining the trace element levels in the human hair is a significant analytical technique, a screening element in the evaluation of possible deficiencies, excesses, and/or biochemical imbalances in all bodies of these microelements. In this work of research, by an inductively coupled plasma– mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) analyzer, the authors have proposed the discovery of toxic trace elements (Al, Pb, Hg) and levels principal mineral elements (Ca, Mg, Cu, Zn) from the human body on healthy individuals with a good nutritional status. The study was performed on a sample of 75 adult women (30-35 years old) from different regions of the country, by taking 100 mg of hair from the base of the scalp with a length of 3 cm, for analysis and evaluation of trace elements. Twelve patients (16%) had high mean values of intracellular Mg (1.2 mmol / L), high Ca values (0.72 mmol / L), but low mean Ca / Mg ratios, (0.58). In addition, six patients (8%) had low mean values of Mg (0.004 mmol / L) and Ca (0.04 mmol / L) but a high Ca / Mg ratio. At the moment of analysis, all individuals did not have acute or severe intoxication signs with heavy metals. The environmental lifestyle of analyzed individuals, from various areas of the country, was observed in their hair cells, by present levels of trace elements. Copyright © 2013 - All Rights Reserved - Pharmacophore

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The method inductively coupled plasma– mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) used for determinations of trace elements analysis of product bulk and materials from human tissues, can be effectively used for determination of mineral levels in human hair for nutritional, toxicological, and pharmaceutical drug trials purposes, [13-15].


The present study confirms the usefulness of the analysis of hair elements in screening tests in different diseases in a female population of different ages. Life environment of analyzed individuals, from different regions of the country, styles of alimentation, quality of air or water drank can be reflected in hair cells by analysis of trace elements of all body.

Professor Aurelian Udristioiu
Hematology and Oncology Specialists LLC

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