Sleep Deprivation Impairs Productivity in Adults With Mood Disorders: A Scoping Review

Melissa Knott, Christopher Derak, Lisa McAughey, Rashmi Mehrotra, Florence Roudbarani
  • American Journal of Occupational Therapy, July 2017, AOTA Press
  • DOI: 10.5014/ajot.2017.71s1-po7152

A review of studies on the productivity of adults with mood disorders with sleep problems

What is it about?

Authors searched published literature to identify what is known about adults who have mood disorders who also experience sleep problems, and how this may impact on their productive occupations, such as work, family, and home responsibilities. Our research identified four main themes suggesting that insufficient sleep negatively impacts on productive occupations, via increased functional impairment, increased work impairment, increased healthcare utilization and reduced health-related​ quality of life.

Why is it important?

Sleep is an emerging area of practice in Occupational Therapy. This research helps clinicians better understand the detrimental effects of insufficient sleep in adults with mood disorder. Better understanding what is known about how mood disorders and insufficient sleep are related to changes in productivity in adults is necessary to form a base of scientific literature to identify what is known, and where the gaps are in order to formulate future research.


Ms Melissa Knott (Author)
University of Western Ontario

I enjoyed working with a group of Occupational Therapy students on this research project. It was an interesting process, and rewarding to find themes in the literature, and share this information at the American Occupational Therapy Association Conference in 2017!

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