Semi-synthesis of Chitosan with High Molecular Weight and Enhanced Deacetylation Degree

Amir M Alsharabasy
  • Polymer science, January 2016, OMICS Publishing Group
  • DOI: 10.4172/2471-9935.100019

What is it about?

Dividing the deacetylaton stage during the preparaton of chitosan into a number of stages with a cooling step between each two steps was suggested to be an efcient method for the semi-synthesis of chitosans of different degrees of deacetylaton but similar weights. This method represents a more economical method for the producton of such polymers comparing to the traditonal methods used in industry and opens the way for more applications.

Why is it important?

The interactons between chitosan and the cells increase as the degree of deacetylation rises due to the increase in the free amino groups-content. Other biological propertes (e.g., Analgesic, anttumor, hypocholesterolemic, hemostatc, antmicrobial, and antoxidant propertes) are also affected by the chemical and physical propertes of chitosan [27,28]. The objectve of this research was to evaluate effects of the cooling process on the deacetylation step; as a modifcaton step, aiming to obtain chitosan with high degree of deacetylaton, but with avoiding chain degradaton.

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