New Measurement Information System of Biosensor in Relativity Humidity

  • Chih Chin Yang and Ping Chen Wu
  • Journal of Next Generation Information Technology, May 2011, AICIT
  • DOI: 10.4156/jnit.vol2.issue2.5

Automatic relativity humidity measurement Information system

What is it about?

The impedance information of ZnO biosensor is linearly increased as increasing the relativity humidity in homemade environment measurement system with calculating function in sensing signals.

Why is it important?

This humidity measurement system can automatically measue the relative humidity properties of environment by the biosensor including adsorption process, desorption process, and senstivity.


Dr Chih Chin Yang
National Kaohsiung Marine University

The biosensor of humidity measurement system could be designed in three terminal devices to combine the integrate circuit.

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