Modeling Pesticide Runoff from Small Watersheds through Field-Scale Management Practices: Minnesota Watershed Case Study with Chlorpyrifos

  • Rohith K. Gali, Steven A. Cryer, Nicholas N. Poletika, Praveen K. Dande
  • Air Soil and Water Research, January 2016, SAGE Publications
  • DOI: 10.4137/aswr.s32777

Modeling Pesticide Runoff from watersheds

What is it about?

Comparison of experimental observatisn with modeling predicitons for a watershed located in the upper Midwest of Minnesota.

Why is it important?

Showcases how a watershed can be appropriately discretized into individual files such that field models can be used to represent watershed behavior for pesticides.


Steve Cryer

Allows for the use of time honored field scale models to be used to represent the behavior for an entire watershed with respect to pesticide runoff.

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