Factors that affect fruit consumption in schools of the Metropolitan Region (Chile): The case of two schools in the district of Lo Prado

Andre Beaujanot, Guillermo Donoso, Andrea del Valle
  • Ciencia e investigación agraria, April 2012, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
  • DOI: 10.4067/s0718-16202012000100002

Factors that affect fruit consumption in schools

What is it about?

This research identifies the influence of environmental, social and consumer habits on decision making of children’s fruit consumption. The characteristics that influence children’s fruit consumption in school and their willingness to change these consumption behaviors are also studied.

Why is it important?

From a strategic point of view, this research concludes that a more proactive and consistent approach is needed from parents and school communities to encourage fruit consumption among children. This approach results in either maintaining or improving children´s fruit consumption as they grow older. Also, the actions of parents and schools towards the preparation of desserts using fruits are proven to be an effective way to increase fruit consumption.

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