Etiología del autismo: el continuo idiopático-sindrómico como tentativa explicativa

  • Francisco Balbuena R
  • Revista chilena de neuro-psiquiatría, December 2015, SciELO Comision Nacional de Investigacion Cientifica Y Tecnologica (CONICYT)
  • DOI: 10.4067/s0717-92272015000400007

Etiology of autism

What is it about?

It is about the genetic of autism, as well as neurobiological factors implied in the incept of autism.

Why is it important?

In our opinion it is important because there are many families, experts and also lay people, which should know some clinical findings linked to autism. In line with this, the author suggests a bridge that connect autism to other genetic disorders in the infancy.


PhD Francisco Balbuena Rivera
Universidad de Huelva

All syndrome or multifaceted disorder, as autism we believe is, should be seen and worked out by different experts. The knowledge, in this sense, is a tool for changing minds and help people who suffer for their condition.

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