Nanostructure of Al-ZnO Thin Films on ITO/Glass Substrate Prepared via Sol-Gel Spin Coating Process

  • Hassan Noorikalkenari, Karim bin Deraman
  • Solid State Phenomena, October 2017, Trans Tech Publications
  • DOI: 10.4028/


What is it about?

zinc oxide (ZnO) nano-structure semiconductors have been intensively studied for electronic and optical device applications. ZnO is a compound semiconductor, which has a high extention band gap (E= 3.37 eV) at room temperature (RT) with a Wurtzite crystal structure.

Why is it important?

In particular ZnO can be employed as the transparent conducting oxide (TCO) in solar cell applications due to its advantages of high productivity, non-toxic, low cost, and excellent electrical conductivity.


Hassan Noorikalkenari
Faculty of science, department of physics, University Technology Malaysia

Writing this article was a great pleasure for my partner and I. This article also lead to rare disease groups contacting me and ultimately to a greater involvement in rare disease research.

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