Structure Lightweight Optimization of Truck Axle on Fatigue Failure

  • Ling Hu Kezhi, Feng Ying Gao, Xiao Lin Li, Da Wei Zhang, Bao Liang Xiao
  • Advanced Materials Research, March 2018, Trans Tech Publications
  • DOI: 10.4028/

shape optimization to increase the fatigue duration of truck axle

What is it about?

truck axle is one of important component of truck. We have reduce the weight of two kinds of truck axles by 15.3% and 18.1% respectively under a premise of qualified fatigue life and stiffness required by customers .

Why is it important?

Struck axle is a critical component that bears the auto-body weight and load weight. Structural design is a vital part of the whole automobile industry to ensure that struck axle work in the normal condition without earlier fatigue failure .


kezhi linghu

I hope this article makes what people might think is a boring, slightly abstract area like shape-optimization and fatigue failure, kind of interesting and maybe even exciting.

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