Leachability of Immobilized Hydrocarbon Sludge in Zeolite Cement

  • Asna Mohd Zain, Zahid M. Zazarin, Khairun Azizi Azizli, M. Hasnain Isa
  • Applied Mechanics and Materials, June 2017, Trans Tech Publications
  • DOI: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/amm.865.341

Immobilized hydrocarbon sludge in zeolite cement

What is it about?

This work explore the effect of zeolite in cement for immobilized hydrocarbon sludge by measuring developed compressive strength, porosity and leachability of metals and oil & grease.

Why is it important?

Zeolite is consider as natural material with specific properties that changes the immobilized sludge especially due to it porosity and surface interface which may react with the sludge component.


Asna Mohd Zain

It the exploration of how we can treat hazardous waste (hydrocarbon sludge) using the simple method instead of high cost waste treatment and yet has potential to reuse the immobilized sludge for other purposes.

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