Haddock et le contenu alcoolique de l’aventure

Cristina Álvares
  • Carnets, May 2020, OpenEdition
  • DOI: 10.4000/carnets.11111

Haddock and the alcoholic content of adventure.

What is it about?

The paper is about Haddock as an extension of Tintin and the link between adventure and alcohol: how to contain the toxic substance in the form of adventure - that is the question

Why is it important?

Tintinesque adventure is seen in the light of Sloterdijk spherology, which is important as Tintin is a solar hero without any insulation (see Hergé in the theory of spheres)


Professor Cristina Álvares
Universidade do Minho

This one belongs to a set of papers which lay out a new reading of Tintin adventures

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