O património da edição contemporânea portuguesa

Daniel Melo
  • Cultura, December 2012, OpenEdition
  • DOI: 10.4000/cultura.1673

What is it about?

When it comes to cultural heritage, an area that tends to stay in the shadows is the historical archives. Of these, one of the most vulnerable groups is the publishers’ archives (and the archives of other agents of the publishing world). This article proposes a reflection on cultural heritage in general and on cultural heritage specifically related to publishers’ archives, in an international level.

Why is it important?

This analytical and problematizing tour-de-force serves, to a large extent, to help to rethink the Portuguese case, whose delays and impasses need to be solved urgently, for the risk of losing irretrievably precious sources for the knowledge of our contemporaneity is serious. In addition, and related with a specific meeting organized by the author, this article is followed by a set of reflections from distinctive cultural agents, such as José Pacheco Pereira, João Corregedor da Fonseca and José Antunes Ribeiro.

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