Du bon et du mauvais usage du pseudonyme

Cristina Álvares
  • Carnets, January 2017, OpenEdition
  • DOI: 10.4000/carnets.2106

Reconnaissance et délégitimation de Lila dit ça, de Chimo

What is it about?

The paper is about Lila dit ça and J’ai peur, two novels written in the 70s by mysterious Chimo, a writer that no one has ever seen. We analyze the paratext and the metatext of these novels to understand the fictional strategies that Chimo uses to play with the pseudonym and to thwart some mechanisms of literary and cultural delegitimation implemented about Lila dit ça. Haut de page

Why is it important?

It raises the issue of migrant migrant, marginal or marginalized literatures in French, such as Beur literature, which became the literature de banlieue in the 21st century

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