Evaluación de daños y actuaciones de rehabilitación en la iglesia de San Nicolás de Eduardo Torroja (Gandía, 1962)

  • B. Serrano-Lanzarote, E. Fenollosa Forner, F. Arnau Paltor
  • Informes de la Construcción, January 2016, Departmento de Publicaciones del CSIC
  • DOI: 10.3989/ic.14.139

What is it about?

The church of San Nicolas inGandia (1962), is the posthumous work of Eduardo TorrojaMiret,engineer, in collaboration with Gonzalo EchegarayComba, architect. The temple is characterized by its unique structure: two folded sheets of post-tensioned concrete, supported on the side walls, with 29 meters span. In 1996, the detection of cracks in the concrete and spalling, made it advisable an inspection and evaluation of the damages detected in the building, mostly caused by the corrosion of reinforcement concrete, and concluded by recommending repair them. This paper explains the structural system of the temple, describes the identified damages in the structure, exposes the refurbishment project and displays the works executed during the intervention. The work was completed just in time for the 50th anniversary of its construction in 2012.

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