La congruence perçue des magasins et du site Internet : effets sur le choix du canal d'achat ? le cas de la Fnac

Christophe Bezes, Pierre-Louis Dubois
  • Vie & sciences de l entreprise, January 2012, CAIRN
  • DOI: 10.3917/vse.190.0046

Perceived congruence of stores and website: effects on purchase channel choice. The case of Fnac

What is it about?

Any multichannel customer management requires some coordination of the online and offline stores. However, empirical studies concerning their optimal level of interaction are rare. This doctoral research models the choice of purchase channel of 1.478 actual customers of a French multichannel retailer. It shows that, on the whole, retailers should simultaneously maximize the image and the congruency of both channels. It also highlights a change in the schema of multichannel customers.

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